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-jp- - Eternal Love (Melekai International)
1 And Only - Ocean Waves (Indy)
1 Country - USA Holidays (Our Country True Records)
1 Way Street - Hey Dude (Just 4 Us Music)
10K DB music - Fine By Me (Independent)
308 Ghost Train - Bleed Over Me (MTS Records)
3LD - Chained to the Rock (Independent)
4ree - Niggas in Paris 4reemix (Black Nobility Entertainment)
52 Nights - Beyond (Independent)
5ive Marly - Kobe (Authentic Empire)
5ive Marly FT. T Rell - Motivate (Marly Media Group)
5ive Marly FT. Weathy Marly - 100 Days 100 Nights (Marly Media Group/MoneumentalTalentAgency)
818 Band - Ventura Blvd (818 Zip Code Music)
818 Band - Van Nuys Blvd (Indie)
818 Band - Burbank Blvd (Independent)
A 2 Z Band - Live Loud (Indy)
A 2 Z Band - Girl In Row 3 (Indy)
A 2 Z Band - Christmas To The Max (Indy)
A 2 Z Band - Bang (Indy)
A 2 Z Band - Boom (Indy)
A List - Red Carpet (A List Records)
A List - Smile 4 The Camera (Independent)
A List - Work It Girl (A List Records)
A List - No Autographs Please (A List Music)
A List - Award Season Blues (A List Records)
A List - Tinseltown (A List Records)
A/Uno - No está legaliza (Independiente)
Aaron and Darren - Make Up Your Mind (Airtime Records)
Aaron Richards - The Ballad Of Bob Ewell (RC Airtime)
Aaron Richards - One More Beer (RC Airtime)
Aaron Tracy - Chillbilly (independent)
Abby Ray - Bumblebee (Independent)
ABC Girls - Spell It Out (Indie)
ABC Girls - Letters In The Sand (Indie)
ABC Girls - This Christmas (Indie)
AbC Girls - Brand New Year, Brand New Me (Independent)
Abe Adams - Is It Summer Yet? (Abe Songs)
Abe Adams - Summer Sky (Abe Songs)
Abe Adams - Summer Memories At Christmas (Abe Songs)
Abe Adams - Hurry Up Summer (Abe Songs)
Abe Adams - Goodbye Summer Sun, Hello Falling Leaves (Abe Songs)
Abe Adams - Winter Dreams of Summer Days (Abe Songs)
Abe Adams - Summer Sunsets (Abe Songs)
About Face - Face The Music (Indie Band)
About Face - Two Faced Lover (Indie Band)
About Face - Face Time Me (Indie Band)
Abraham Sarache - The Crush: Eyes of Fire (Indie)
ABUSS - Poor Days (Daybreak)
Ace Boog - Hustle & Grind (G.A.M.E Records)
Ace Riley - Faith, Family, Football (4 Aces Music)
Ace Riley - The No Fun League (4 Aces Music)
Acidic Band - Chicago (Independent)
Acoustic Wig - Sure One (Indie)
Across The Board - Sonic Boom (MTS)
Across The Board - Wild Ones (MTS Records)
AE Honick - One for the Road (Independent)
Aindre Reece-Sheerin - Hot New Orleans Nights (Too Kool Katz)
Aindre Reece-Sheerin - I Still Think Of You (Too Kool Katz)
Airy Jeanine - Mamas Girl (Kmina Entertainment)
Airy Jeanine - Do You (Kmina Entertainment)
AJ & Teyo Fame - Talking About Me (Independent)
Al & Trey - Anyway (Independent)
Al & Trey - Reach Beyond (Independent)
Al & Trey - Kings & Queens (Tide Productions)
Al & Trey - And Now I Know (Tide Productions)
Al J Heid - Destination Destiny (Unsigned)
Al J Heid - She Was There (independent)
Al J Heid - Too Many Cowgirls to Choose (Unsigned)
Albert and the Cactus Moon - Too Far Gone (Independent)
Albert Irving and Ving With Hidiing Place - Three Sixty Four (Soul Millennia)
Alex Addy - Dead (Unsigned)
Alex Addy - The American Dream (Barkley Productions)
Alex Krawczyk - There Will Be Light (MTS)
Alex Krawczyk - Better Days (MTS)
Alex Krawczyk - Turning (MTS)
Alex Krawczyk - Rhythm of the Road (MTS)
Alex Krawczyk - Space Between Us (MTS Records)
Alexie Pigot - The Truth (Independent)
Alexis Barreto - Hey You (Who Is It Records)
Alexis Rose - Your Football Fantasy Girl (Indy)
Alexxx Da Man - TripleX - President Bush (Independent)
Alina Artts - Hit The Red Light (R.E.C.)
Alive Way - Big City (Alive Way)
Allan Saucier - BackWoods (Lucky 7 Music Group)
Allen D - In The Still of the Night (New Terra)
Allen D - Christmas Song (New Terra)
Allen D - You the Night & the Music (New Terra)
Alyssa Sequoia - Subway Gospel (Water Ox Management)
Amanda Ayala - Seventeen (Independent)
Ambient Mechanics - Call To Arms (Uncoiled Loops)
Amelia Presley - Trouble (Whiskey Did it)
Amen Alibi - Break Down And Cry (Ravaka Records)
American High - Cheye Calvo (World Star Records)
Amplify Me - Ginny feat. Jenna Cogan (independent)
Amy Benton - Top of That List (Twang Thang Country)
Ananda Xenia Shakti - I Am Love (MTS)
Ananda Xenia Shakti - Love Is Where You Are (MTS)
Ananda Xenia Shakti - No More Limits (MTS)
Anastacia Mortimer - Love Prisoner (Indie)
Andrea Ortega - Koobrar (KLP Records)
Andrea Ortega - He Gave Me Wings (KLP Records)
Andrew Carter - My Favorite Thing (Dog Song Records)
Andrew Gerard - Here (Indie)
Andrew Gerard - One Night (indie)
Andrew Gerard - Just like me (indie)
Andrew Reed - If All The World Were Right (Independent)
Andrew Reed & The Liberation - Twisted World (Independent)
Andrew Ruby - Guys Like Us (Colt Records)
Andrew Ruby - Dirt Road (Colt Records)
Andy Cruz - Letdown Remedy (Radio Version) (12 Inch Records)
Andy Cruz - Turn Back (California Bound) (12 Inch Records)
Andy Scott - The Night (Tunes)
Andy Shearer - Steely Blue (Andy Shearer Music)
Andydakidd - Mouf Talk for Me (Lod Dafam)
Anna Gutmanis - Diamonds and Stiletto Shoes (Ban-Anna Records)
Anne Marie Bush - HiTech Chick (Yellow Rhinestone Records)
Anne-Marie Lax - Choose Love (Spiritdancer Music)
Annemarie Picerno - Bonfire (Amplifiedsound)
Annemarie Picerno - Closer (Bongo Boy Records)
Annemarie Picerno - Thank You (Amplifiedsound)
Annemarie Picerno - What Will You Say (Amplifiedsound)
Annemarie Picerno and Bob McGilpin - Money Pain (Amplifiedsound)
Annie & Andy - Wave The Flag (Annie & Andy Music)
Anthony Williams - Close To You (Wood "N" Nickel)
Antwan Jenkins - Victory (IndiBlue)
April Diamond - Feels So Good (Del Oro)
April Diamond & David Longoria W/Powerhouse Choir - I Got The Music In Me (Del Ora)
Arden Park Roots - Under the Sun (Anxiety Boy Records)
ARDK - Waiting for the River to Run (Independent)
Ariana Hodes - You (Ocala Big Round Records)
Aris - A (Rust Belt)
ArnezMrtin - Wussup Then (Strawberry Records)
Art Carter - You Are The One (Independent)
Art Carter - Cold Hearted Woman (Independent)
Art Carter - Through The Waters (Independent)
Artmos - Sexy Girl (Sugo Music Group/Artmos)
Arvie Bennett Jr - Just A Cowboy (Independent)
Arvie Bennett Jr - Where He Found Me (Independent)
Ashleigh Kingsmore - I Wish He Kiss Me (Independent)
Ashley Baker - Cigarette Smokin (Billberg Entertainment)
Ashley Best - Cowboy (Independent)
Ashley Best - Nothing Ever Seems To Do (Independent)
Ashley Nicole - Average Girl (GoldStar Recordz)
Ashley Nicole - Broken (GoldStar Recordz)
Ashley Puckett - Medicine (MTS Records)
Ashley Puckett - Bulletproof (MTS)
Austin Colón - Fall Back into Place (Indie)
Austin Colón - Alone (None)
Ava Max - My Head and My Heart (Independent)
Baby D aka Baby Dee - Fall In Love (Tru Emperahz Entertainment)
Bad Ass Boots - Boogie On The Bayou (Dream Wild Records)
Bad Mary - Better Days (Dead Pill REcords)
Balkun Brothers - Traumatized (Independent)
Bama Band - Roll Tide (Bama Band USA)
Band Chamberlain - Like Johnny Cash (Colt Records)
Bandz Cambando - G Remix (Independent Artist)
Bandz Cambando - New Ish (Moneuemntal Talent Agency)
Bandz Cambando - Speak Up (Young Fly Finessa)
Bandz Cambando FT 5ive Marly - Own Lane (MoneumentalTalentAgency)
Bandz Cambando FT. Lil Zac The Dj and Boosie Badazz - G Remix (Young Fly Finessa)
Banton V - Angel Of My Life (Sweet Tonez)
Barefoot Man - No app for that (Barefoot Records)
Barista - Circular Lives (MTS)
Barista - Sweet (MTS)
Barista - No Justice (MTs)
Barista - Billions (MTS)
Barley Station - Younger Summer Memories (Barleyfields Records)
Barley Station - Like You For You (Barleyfields)
Barry Manilow - My Funny Valentine (Stiletto)
Barry Muir - Bulletproof (Sunbelly Studios)
Beau Brummels - Just-a-Little (BaySound Records)
Beba - (SunBelly Studios)
Becci Nethery - Beautiful Life (Advance)
Bekka Dowland - Malibu (Ni Music)
Belle Lundon - Space Cadet Remix (MTS)
Ben Armistad - Where did we all go wrong (Independent)
Ben Rush - Stompin Grounds (AMC Records Nashville)
Benjy Rivas - Live On the Road (City Boy Records)
Benny Marsella - A Special Kind Of Love (Scheherazade)
Benzo - Heart Beat (New Terra)
Bernadett - Redemption (MTS)
Bernadett - Palladio (MTS)
Bert Jerred - Glass (Bert Jerred Music)
Bianka feat Lx Cruze - Eyes On You (3 Shots Productions)
Big Bobby - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Independent)
Big Boy Peezy - I M Sorry (Innorex Three Music, inc)
Big Boy Peezy - I’m Sorry (Innorex Three Music)
Big Bubba - Everybody Loves Big Bubba (Big Bubba Brown Records)
Big Bubba Brown - Can’t Buy U a Car, But How About a Drink (BBB Music)
Big Chop the real#1 - The Bombay (Grissett Entertainment)
Big Crush - Aint No Telling (Independent)
Big Crush - It aint no telling (unsigned)
BigDru - My Nine ($teady Hu$tlin Record$)
BigDru - My Favorite Girl ($teady Hu$tlin Record$)
BigDru - Hollowed Be Thy Name ($teadyHu$tlinRecod$)
BigDru - With Out You ($TEADYHU$TLINRECORD$)
BigDru - Jam Cowboy ($TEADYHU$TLINRECORD$)
Bikai - what you drinkin (bd records llc)
Bill Abernathy - Cry Wolf (MTS)
Bill Abernathy - Changes (MTS)
Bill Abernathy - Whiskey Road (MTS Records)
Bill Abernathy - Who Are You, Who Am I? (MTS)
Bill Abernathy - Hide Away (MTS)
Bill Abernathy - Call Their Name (MTS)
Bill Abernathy - More (MTS)
Bill Curreri - Son Of An American Dream (BCM)
Bill Curreri - Fade Away (BCM)
Bill Curreri - With Lydia (BCM)
Bill Curreri - Feather In The Wind (Independent)
Billie - Rolfe Wyer (Independent)
Billy Arr - L.O.V. Email Me Baby (Binnoco-Nash)
Billy Blackflag & His Nihilistic Delusions - Demon Eyes (N/A)
Billy Crain - The Bible and the Gun (Slidebilly Records)
Billy F Otis - Fantasy Across The Room (CVB Music)
Billy F Otis - Front Page News (CVB)
Billy F Otis - On My Street (CVB)
Billy Grima - Picture of You and Me (MTS)
Billy Mick - Flesh and Bone (BillyMickMusic)
Billy Mick - The Tourist (Quie Great)
Billy Ray Rock - Get The Funk (MTS Records)
Billy Vera - A Simple Little Song (Vera Cruz)
Billy Yeager - "Shades of Pink" (Surf Jazz Records)
BK Gray - Silver Moon (Independent)
BK Gray - Silver Moon ( The Legend Of Alice) (Independent)
Blac 360 - (N/A)
Black 7 - Light Flow (Sodeh Records)
Black Eye Affair - Sidewalk (Independent)
Black Eye Affair - Gone (Black Eye Affair)
Black Jacket - Innocence (Indie)
BlackPink - Make It Count (Unsigned)
BlackWayne - Love To Get High (HustleLife Entertainment)
Blue Helix - Carry Me (independent)
Blue Helix - Runaways (independent)
Bobby Johnson - I Got The Best In You (Indie)
Bobby Johnson - Nothing (Bravado Records)
Bogdanl - Smorgasbord - Let It Go On (Bogdanl Remix) (PR Records)
Boni Clyde - Deal With My Swag (Boni Clyde)
Bonnie Milne - New Beginnings (MTS)
Bonnie Milne - Perceptions (MTS)
Bonnie Milne - Stolen Night Sky (MTS)
Boo Smith Tha Beast - There You Go (Jce. Ent)
Brad Lee Schroeder - Run Devil Run (Stray Bullet Records, LLC)
Bradley Harris - Thanks To You It Wasnt Me (41 A Music Group)
Brady Novotny - Ancient Romance (MTS)
Braeden Berry - Soundtrack Of Our Summer (Wild Sage Records of Nashville, Inc.)
Brandiwyne - Anime Baby (World Movement)
BrandiWyne - Victim (Big Records)
Brandon Jarod - Kiss Me (NICOBE RECORDS)
Brandon Stephens - Sad Love Song (Wild Sage Records)
Brandy Moss Scott - Bye Bye Baby (Heavenly Tunes)
Brandy Moss Scott - Oh How It Hurts (Heavenly Tunes)
Brandy Moss Scott - Hello Stranger (Heavenly Tunes)
Brandy Moss Scott - I Dont Really Know (Independent)
Brandy Moss Scott - Tell Me (Independent)
Brandy Moss Scott - Starting With Me (Independent)
Brandy Moss Scott - Fake (Independent)
Brandy Moss Scott - I Dont Want No (Independent)
Brandy Moss Scott - Kiss & Teli (Heavenly Tunes)
Brandy Moss Scott - The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia (Heavenly Tunes)
Brandy Moss Scott - Bennie and the Jets (Heavenly Tunes)
Braunzie Gurl - Wish you the Best (MC1 Nashville)
Brenda Loomis band - Running Through my mind (Independent)
Brenda Loomis band - Rasing my Standard (Independent)
Bri Ingram - Little Black Dress (Independent)
Brian McConnell - Oh Darlin (Independent)
Brian McKell - DIFFERENT LIGHT (None)
Brian Randle - Good Drugs (Audacious Jack)
Brian Timmons - The Same Side (Independent)
Brian Timmons - A Girl Out There (Independent)
Brian Timmons - Made Me Live Again (Independent)
Briana Hardyman - Our Town (Briana Hardyman)
Briana Hardyman - This Town (Briana Hardyman)
Briana Hardyman - Midnight Water (Independent)
Bright Child - FLY (Innorex Three Music, Inc)
Brittany Marie - Changed (Independent)
Brittany Russell - Let Me Be (Independent)
Broken Factory Windows - Polar (Unsigned)
Brooke Byam - Thank You For Leaving (Twang Thang Country)
Brother Townsend - Gimme Whiskey (Indie)
Brother Townsend - Repeat (Independent)
BRutherz - See Clearly in the Dark (Colt Records)
Bryan Hawn - Too Soon (Distrokid)
Bryson Carter - Moonshine Girl (Wild Sage Records of Nashville, Inc.)
BSTARR - Mek Ya Say (Oh, My Lawd) (Spectra/Tabletop Records)
Buck 22 - Country Pride (LoudBox)
Buck McCoy - Shoes Under My Bed (Independent)
Buck McCoy - Go To Hawaii On Me (Independent)
Buck McCoy - She s My Little Radio Thang (Independent)
Buck McCoy - She Cant Be Really Gone (INDIE)
Bud Elkin - Sex Sells (NIKLE RECORDS)
Bud Elkin - Moonlight Walks (NIKLE RECORDS)
Bud Elkin - Tell Me (NIKLE RECORDS)
Bud Elkin - You Know I Love You (NIKLE RECORDS)
Buddy Baker - wish i was a cowboy (Misty blue Independent)
Burt Conrad - It’s A Sure Thing (SeaBright)
bw59 - go for it (slammingtracksrecords)
Cage & Focx With Todd Taylor - Tonky Honk Bounce (CDR)
Caitlin Nicole - Differently Abled Man (MTS Records)
Callie Young - Unraveling (West Coast Collective)
Callie Young - Burns (West Coast Collective)
Callie Young - Say To Me (West Coast Collective)
Callie Young - Joyride (West Coast Collective)
Callie Young - Letting Go (West Coast Collective)
Callie Young - Color of My Heart (West Coast Collective)
Callie Young - Bittersweet Memories (West Coast Collective)
Calvin Capone - Boss (Royal Entertainment Music)
Cameen - TELL ME WHY (Independent)
Cameron L - Would U (Young Fly Finessa)
Cameron L - Love You (Young Fly Finessa)
Cameron L - B.I.T.C.H (Young Fly Finessa)
Cameron L - RUNNIN (Young Fly Finessa)
Cameron L - Royalty (Young Fly Finessa)
Camryn and The Gypsy Band - Coming Home To LA (Gypsy Band Music)
Carina - Not Easy to Love (Independent)
Carl Legacy - Slide (Carl Legacy Entertainment)
Carrington Kay - Smokestack Ashes (independent)
Carrington Kay - Shine Through (None)
Caruso - Dreams (Resting Dove Records)
Cash Cassady - In The Valley Of The Gun (CC Production)
Cash Cassady - On This Chrustmas Eve (CC Productions)
Casi Joy - Old Town Lane (Indie)
Casi Joy - Poor Angel (Unsigned)
Cassie - Played (Trilogy Productions LLC)
Caswell Cooke and the Peel N Eats - Coconut Kevin (Beyond Yacht Records)
Catherine Casey - To Hell With the Past (Independent)
CDMG PEEZO - Red Beams ( Pt.1 Stunna Flo ) (Circle Drive Music Group)
Cdmg Peezo - No Healing (Circle Drive Music Group)
Cdmg Peezo - My Brother (Circle Drive Music Group)
Celeste Barbier - Tidal Wave (Independent)
Celine Pence - Thinking About You (CPR)
Ceosonson - Trenches (ft. Lightshow) (BnF Ent.)
Ces Indie - Wicked Game (Ces Music Co)
Chad Triplett - Southern Woman Loving (23 Muzim Group)
Chad Triplett - Bishop Coal Miner (23 Muzik Group)
ChantiMan - FanTasy Fog (DaGlo Records)
Charles Edward - Good Ol Days (Real Life Music Forever)
Charlie Ranucci - Hold On (Ranucci Productions/indie)
Charlie Ranucci - Make You Mine (Ranucci Productions)
Charlie Ranucci - I love you (Ranucci Productions)
CHARM™️ - Love Only (Healing House Records)
Chelsey leanne - Am i the only one (Southern sky music group)
Cherish1Lady - Kiss Me (Moneuemntal Talent Agency)
Cherish1stLady - Take All Of It (Moneuemntal Talent Agency)
Cherish1stLady - Danger (Moneuemntal Talent Agency)
Chesney Claire - Distracted (Zeiss)
Chesney Claire & Jai Sessions - Come Alive (Zeiss)
Chieph Loud Cloud, Moo Moo Dragon, Bandz Cambando - Above Water (Moneuemntal Talent Agency)
Chords Of Eve - Brightside (Sky Titan Media)
Chris Bender - The Blood (MTS Records)
Chris Bender - Glad In It (MTS Records)
Chris Cox - Sunday Mornin Guitar (CMM Records)
Chris Dair - Crossroads to Freedom (Self)
Chris Dair - I Feel the Need (Self)
Chris Johnson - Who Could Ask For Anything More (Independent)
Chris Mainfield - This Girl (North Berlin records)
Chris Martin - The Color Of You (Fame & Fortune Records)
Chris Rudd & Marcus Colbert - Another Christmas Song (Christomedia)
Chris Rudd w/Marcus Colbert - No Limits (Independent)
Christine Van Hoy - Change (Independent)
Christopher Joyner - Fire Inside (Independent)
Chuck Morris - Good LIfe (Indienink Music)
Chuck Murphy - How Many Times (One West)
Chuck Murphy - Whisper On The Wind (One West)
Chuck Murphy - Falling Star (One West)
Chuck Murphy - Cow Girls (independent)
Chuck Murphy - Peace Be With You (One West)
Chuck Murphy & Big Coyote - Free To Be Free (One West)
Chuck Sadosky - Dreamer (Lattice Worxx)
Circle - Follow Me Down (Cherrystone Records)
City of Angels - So This Is Hollywood (Independent)
Clark Ford feat. Underground Treehouse - Written In The Stars (Bongo Boy Records)
Clay Kirk - Where The Sea Breezes Blow (KLP Records)
Clayton Bryant - Will You Care (Clayton Bryant)
Clayton Morgan - Taste For Love (MTS Records)
Clayton Morgan - The Beat is Calling Me (Enotram/MTS)
Clayton Morgan feat. Martone - Good Love (Enotram/MTS)
Cliff Wheeler - Hard Living Man (Mac Wheel Music)
Colt Buckelew and The Crossroads - Cry (Independent)
Cone of Magic - Dance, Boy. Dance! (Amazon Media on Demand)
Connie Tuck w/J Walker & N Grace - Just What A Smile... (Independent)
Conor Walsh - Yes (Independent)
Consortium 499 - Enceladus (Nothing of Consequence Diversions)
Convulsic - Love Space (Independent)
Cool Hand$ - The Lifetime Grind (Catakomb)
Cool Typhoon - Rave Wave (Typhoon Five Productions LLC)
Coriander Blue - Drive (Vibrato Music)
Cornelius MD - Lick It Stick It (Earfull Records)
Corners Of Sanctuary - Get On The List (Sodeh Records)
Cory M Coons - Trail of the Chosen One (MTS)
Cory M. Coons - Crumbs (MTS Records)
Cory M. Coons - Break The Fall (MTS Records)
Cory M. Coons - Love Will Fire the Flame (MTS)
Cory M. Coons - Good Times Gone (MTS Records)
Cory M. Coons - Would You Stay (MTS)
Craymo - Be Myself (One Love One World)
Crosley Hotshot - Radio Flyer (Desert Rose Entertainment)
Curio - Rock Wit You (Independent)
Curse of K.K. Hammond - The Ballad of Lampshade Ed (MTS)
Cuz Jones - Halfway (Indie)
Cuz Jones - Going Home ft Bino of Mo Thugs South Records (Indie)
D K Davis - Rag Top Down (Route 66)
D. Edward - Hold On (10th & Clay Records)
D. S. Bradford - Elemental Evolution (Equinox/Sugo Music Group Sony)
D. S. Bradford - A Home In The Sky (Equinox By Fireside Music/Sugo Music Group)
D.C. - Survivor (feat. PBX) (Platinum Level Production)
Dallas Cosmas - Things We Said (Prototype Musique)
Dan Knight - Girl Looks Good In Neon (NTET)
Dan Knight - Oueen of the Honky Tonk (Steam Whistle)
Daniel Grinberg & Yoav Arbel - Thanks (Green Tone)
Danni Stefanetti - Crazy For Lovin’ You (Danniland Records)
Danni Stefanetti - Moon Looks Pretty Tonight (Independent)
Danny Hampton - A New Day (Independent)
Danny Shain - Two Good Friends (Independent)
Danny Shain - To All A Merry Christmas (Independent)
DaRil - 1,2,3 (Kitril)
DarkSatellite - Paper Trees (Independent)
DarkSatellite - Odd Sees (Independent)
Darrell Heath - I Am Stupid (H&H RECORDING)
Darrell Heath - My Dog Spike (H&H RECORDING)
Darrell Heath - Superstition Mountain (H&H RECORDING)
Darren Michael Boyd - Earth Is B flat (MTS)
Darren Mullins - The Ballad Of The Irish Rovers (RC Airtime)
Darren Mullins - The Hills Of Connemara (Annyeong)
Darren Mullins - Rave On (Airtime Records)
Darren Mullins - Drunken Sailor (Airtime Records)
Darren Mullins - My Only One (Airtime Records)
Darryl Allen& L Roberson - Baby Love Crazy (Song Source Music GroupSSMG)
Dave Coleclough - The Glory and the Sadness (Independent)
Dave Coleclough - Hold My Hand (Independent)
Dave Donatelli - Old Mexico (Independent)
Dave Donatelli - Hold On (Independent)
David Arn - Watershed (MTS)
David Arn - Blood and Bone (MTS)
David Biviano / Jonathan M. Wood - The Criminal (independant)
David Dewhirst - Shine (David Dewhirst)
David Fox - Hot Hot girl (Canadian American Records)
David Fox - Fashion Lover (Canadian American Records)
David Jacobin - Rose Moon (Independent)
David Knight - Redlite (Opentoe)
Davina Michelle - Heartbeat (8Ball)
Davy Williamson - Thin Disguise (MTS Records)
Davy Williamson - Same Place (MTS)
Dawn Of The Rising - Just Broken (INDEPENDENT)
Daymes Rocket - Breaking Me Inside (Independent)
Daymes Rocket - Superstar hero (independent)
Deby Kelley - Tommy (Echota)
Deby Kelley - Mila (independent)
Deby Kelley - Jesus Lord I Wait For You (Echota)
Dee Dee Downs - Caught In A Love Trap (independent)
Dee Dee Downs - Angel of Gentle Wings (independent)
Dee Dee Downs - Mary Full Of Grace (independent)
Dee Hamilton - Its Too Late (Aries Ram)
Dee Hamilton - April Showers Bring May Flowers (Aries Ram)
Defy Theory - Grim Reaper (Independent)
Deginerates - Stackz (D.G.S)
Del Robbins - Where Did The Love Go (Independent)
Del Robbins - Guess Who Does (Fame & Fortune)
Del Robbins - Summer Rain (Fame & Fortune)
Del Robbins - Lucky For Me (Fame & Fortune)
Del Robbins - Wait & See (Fame & Fortune)
Del Robbins - Always 17 (Fame and Fortune Records)
Del Robbins - I Didn’t Want To Share Your Love (Fame and Fortune Records)
Del Robbins - I Don’t Want To Share Your Love (Fame & Fortune)
Del Robbins - Long Live The Blues (Fame & Fortune Records)
Del Robbins - Stormy (Fame and Fortune Ent.)
Del Robbins - For What It’s Worth (Fame & Fortune Records)
Delmarva - The NSA (Evolution Inc)
Delmarva - Eye of the Storm (Evolution Inc)
Delonzo Carraway - Love letter (Black Diamond Records)
Deniro5hunnid - Bitter Sweet (Loyalty Ova Royalty Records)
Deniro5hunnid - Southside (Loyalty Ova Royalty Records)
Deniro5hunnid - Gangshit Ft The Real Lady T (Loyalty Ova Royalty Records)
Derek Davis - Mississippi Mud (MTS)
Derek McCorkell - The Day Of The Reckoning (Triplestrand Productions)
Desert - Fortune Favors The Brave (Independent)
Destiny (Destiny Band Oz) - Put on a Good Show (Unsigned independent)
Devi - Heart Stone (Independent)
Devi - One More Day (Independent)
Devi - Bad Boy (Independent)
Devi - Summer Love (Independent)
Devi - Lets Get Funky (Independent)
Diamond Field w/Rat Rios - Closer (Luca Disca)
Diamonds & Whiskey - Muddy Water (Strega Entertainment Group)
Dianne Meinke - Adieu (UVI Media Group LLC)
Dianne Meinke - Give Me A Kiss (UVI Media Group LLC)
Dianne Meinke - U Promized Me (UVI Media Group LLC)
Dianne Meinke - I Heart U (UVI Media Group LLC)
Dianne Meinke - In the Rain (UVI Media LLC)
Dianne Meinke - Dime Que No Decimos Adios (Independent)
Dianne Meinke - Dime Que No Decimos (UVI Media Group, LLC)
Dianne Meinke - Ten Thousand More (UVI Media Group)
Dianne Meinke - Secret Lover (UVI)
Dianne Meinke - Lemonade, Freshly Squeezed (UVI Media Group LLC)
Dianne Meinke - I Will Be Here Waiting (UVI)
Dianne Meinke - Read My Mind (UVI)
Dichotomy - Unknown Soldier (Independent)
Dick Aven - Complete Mystery (Treehouse Jams)
Die Tired - Play (Acoustic) (SODEH Records)
Dim Sums - I Fought The Law (RC Airtime)
Dimitri&the Scarecrow - Knots (Vadzimu Records)
Dirty Ernie Band - The Last Unemployment Check Blues (DIrty Ernie Band Music)
Dixie Dolls - Darling (Dixie Land USA)
Dixie Republic - 40 Miles (Independent)
[email protected] - grer ([email protected])
DJBlackSmoke - EP (Yungzz Blackk Kingz)
DK Davis - These Beautiful Eyes (Route 66)
DK Davis - Suspicious Minds (Route 66)
DK Davis - Waitin On The Weekend (Route 66)
DK Davis - There Goes My Heart (Route 66)
DK Davis - Rag Top Down (Route 66)
DK Davis - My Babys Gone (Route66/AMG)
DK Davis - Take Me To Mexico Amigo (Route66/AMG)
DK Davis - Dont Cry Daddy (Route 66 AMG)
DK Davis - Love Me Again (Route 66)
DMONEY1644 - LIGHT IT UP (Dominating Productionz)
Doc Box M.D. - Thirsty (B-Fly Records)
Doc Box M.D. - Buket Naked (B-Fly Records)
Dom Colizzi - Demos (MTS)
don nivens - summer wind (indie)
Don Nivens - Septembers Gone (Independant)
Don Nivens - Brother to Brother (unsigned)
Don Nivens - Blank Sheets of Paper (Unsigned)
Don Nivens - On That Train to Memphis (Indie)
Don Nivens - Far Away (Indie)
Don Nivens - The Backyard Blues Bandits (Indie)
Donald Benjamin - Lies (Straight Edge Entertainment)
Donavon Lee Carpenter - Born To Love You (Independent)
Dorothy Guinn - When Mary Comes Around (YHTOROD)
Dorothy Guinn - In This Song (Indie)
Doug Kistner & Bill Champlin - Theres The Door (MTS)
Down South 78 - Too Many Tears In Mississippi (Kirby Records)
Downside - You Lied (FAP Records)
DPB - Undefeated 3.0 Radio Edit (MTS)
DPB - I Feel So Good (MTS)
DreaMarie - More (Independent)
DreaMarie - On Purpose (None)
Drew Michael Pizzulo - Creation (independent)
Drowned Ten - The Life (MSH Music Group)
Dru Ross - Love Simulation (Ross Records)
DShawn Eatmon - Forever Loved (Life Track)
Dustin Olson - Prayer of a Simple Man (Independent)
Dutch Heffnor - Secrets (HOODRILLA THANG LLC)
Dwayne Ferris - Jesus Is My Rock (Independent)
Ed Barker w/ Lance Ellington - When You Smile (EBR)
Ed Roman - Lay One Down (Heart Songs For Veterans)
Ed Roman - The Way She Goes (MTS Records)
Ed Roman - Red Omen (MTS Records)
Ed Roman - Stronger (MTS)
Ed Roman - Tomorrow Is Today (MTS Records)
Ed Roman - Happiness (MTS)
Eddy Mann - Hope of the World (MTS)
Eddy Mann - Hallelujah (MTS)
Eddy Mann - The Humble Cottage by the Sea (MTS)
Eddy Mann - Something Beautiful & New (MTS Records)
Eddy Mann - The Consequence (MTS Records)
Edgar Allan Poets - Vague Illusion (none)
Edward Mena - Amor Absoluto: Medley Tributo a Julio Iglesias (UNO Productions)
Edward Mena - Lo Mejor De Tu Vida (UNO Productions)
Edward Mena - Unchained Melody (Interactive Line)
Eileen Carey - Finally (RolleyCstr Music)
Eileen Carey - Keep Your Love To Yourself (RolleyCstr Music)
Eileen Carey - Leave It All Behind (Rolleycstr Music)
Eileen Carey - Dreaming With Me (RolleyCstr)
Eileen Carey - Land With You (RolleyCstr Music)
Eileen Carey - Every Day (RolleyCstr)
Eileen Carey - In The Air (RolleyCstr)
Eileen Carey - Good Bad Girl (RolleyCstr)
El1eventh Hour - Murder Your Memory (E.M.E.)
Eleanor Tallie - Promised Land (Mighty River Music Productions)
Electric Light Company - Statues (Independent)
Electric Revolution - Here We Go (Independent)
Electric Swift - Simple Man (G Ent/MoneumentalTalentAgency)
Eleyet McConnell - Dont Tell Me Why (MTS)
Eliz Camacho - Get Loose (EMC Publishing LLC)
Elizmi Haze - Magical (independent)
Elly Dee - Heartbeat (Branded)
Emilio Patron - Talk Of The Town(Ft Mic DaaiMan) (Van Zulu MuziQ)
Epic Season - Keep Warm (Independent)
Eric B - Sunshine (Independent)
Erin East - The Calm (Far East Music)
Esteve Masclans - Silver (Indie)
Ethan Bortnick - Anything Is Possible (Symphony of Keys)
Evandale - Manipulator (Independent)
Exzavier Whitley - One Song (OneThrone)
F.O.S - All to myself (Feat. Summer Sun & Envee) (F.O.S ENT)
FaB - A Toy for Juliette (Kool Kat Music)
Father Culture - Better Days (Thunder Yard)
Felisha Farrar - Glory and Honor (Independent)
Film Noir Extras - A Kiss In The Dark (Retrocorded Records)
FIONA MISS 2.1 - UP & DOWN - (3 SP)
Fireside Prophets - Under The Sunshine (FPR)
First Rush - The Road Less Traveled (Independent)
Fitzsimon and Brogan - Big Blue World (MTS Records)
Fitzsimon and Brogan - Girl In a Gilded Cage (WTPS)
Fitzsimon and Brogan - This Is Love (Monstre Sonore)
Fitzsimon and Brogan - This Girl (WTPS)
Fitzsimon and Brogan - Dancing Partner (MTS)
Five D Fit - Supergalactic (MTS)
FiveDFit - Super Galactic (MTS)
Flat River Band - Go Tell it on the Mountain (MTS)
Flat River Band - Every Dog has its Day (MTS)
Flat River Band - Beauty Amongst The Trees (MTS)
Flaunt - National Anthem (Anticodon Records)
Flaunt w/Justin Jennings - Codon (Dipped in Ecstasy) (Anticodon Records)
Flaunt w/Justin Jennings - Have I Made My Point (Anticodon Records)
Flawless Solace - If You’re All Mine (MDW LTD)
Floyd Smith - My Best Friend (Tunecore)
Follow No One - Fear No Evil (MTS)
Francis Bowie - Number One (dGenerate Records)
Francis Bowie - Sex Drugs & Thrilling (dGenerate Records)
Frank Canna - Who Will Know (indie)
Frank D’Angelo - Break It Down (BKCI)
Frank Owen - All My Funny (Independent)
Franki Dennull - (Mega International)
Franklin McKay - Invincible (Independent)
Fred Myers & The Redneck Majority - Wild For You (Tate Music Group)
G A Steed Band - Angels Without Wings (Stage 2 Records)
G Sharp - The Message (Down 2 Erf/ Purpose Driven Music Group)
G Sharp - Cope (Down 2 Erf Productions)
G Sharp - Lou Rawls (Down 2 Erf Productions)
G2P - Walk Away (Orion Project Records)
Gairy Nelson - Continues to Burn (JGN Records)
Garient - Any Love (Garient)
Garrett - Bridge Of Sighs (Indie)
Garrett - Hero (Indie)
Garrett Young - Do You Hear My Cries (West Coast Collective)
Garrett Young - My Oh My (West Coast Collective)
Garrett Young - My Friend (West Coast Collective)
Garrett Young - Cure It All (West Coast Collective)
Garrett Young - Stray Cat Call (West Coast Collective)
Garrett Young - Colorado (West Coast Collective)
Garrett Young - Get Gone (West Coast Collective)
Garrett Young - Whos To Blame? (West Coast Collective)
Garrett Young - Your Fool (West Coast Collective)
Garrett Young - Id Do Anything (West Coast Collective)
Garrett Young - Half Blind (West Coast Collective)
Garrett Young - The Crave (West Coast Collective)
Gary Burk III - Friday Night (MTS Records)
Gary Burk III - You Got Me (MTS Records)
Gary Burk III - Like That (MTS Records)
Gary Lee Tolley - Hey Bartender (Indie)
Gary Lee Tolley - I Need More Of You (Indie)
Gary Nelson - Maid of Love (Unsigned)
Gary Nelson - Your a Big Boy Now (Unsigned)
Gary Nelson - American Heartbeat (Unsigned)
Gary Nelson - Now & Then I Wonder (Unsigned)
Gary Pratt - When Its Our Love Thats Lost (MTS)
Gary Pratt - You Gotta Jump In (MTS)
Gary Pratt - Sounds Like Whiskey To Me (MTS)
Gary Pratt - Til Your Boots Get Dirty (MTs)
Gauch - Far Away (Billy Records)
Gbullet - keep digging4money (Gbullet13@$28pty)
Gbullet - glory (Gbullet13@$28pty)
Gbullet - I love u (Gbullet production)
Geary Nelson - Disguise in Your Eyes (Independent)
Geary Nelson - Sweet Ladies (Independent)
Geary Nelson - Walking My Way Back To You (FOB)
Geary Nelson - Walk That Mile (FOB)
Geary Nelson - Walk Walk (FOB)
Geary Nelson - Do You Miss Her (Indie)
Geary Nelson - This Time (Indie)
Geary Nelson - Nothing At All (Indie)
Geary Nelson - The Single Life (Indie)
Geary Nelson - Think of Me (Indie)
Geary Nelson - Pounding of My Heart (Indie)
Geary Nelson - DownTown (Indie)
Gem - Sparkle In the Night (Independent)
Genesis Baby - Neva Goin Broke (Indie)
George L Experience - Highway 101 (independent)
Gina Jones - Youre Not The Only Heart In Town (Decibel Records)
Gina S. Sings - Unconditional (independent)
Gina West - Calvary (trip jct. records)
Giulia Nahmany - Girl To Change Your World (Goldline Records)
Glen Judah - Woman of Sorrow (Jah music productions)
Gnarly Parkers - Spin Me Minnie (Independent)
Gnarly Parkers - Big Ass World (Independent)
Godbody Astronomical - Loyalty (The BlakGod connection Records L.L.C)
GRAB - Show Me Wake Up (Bonanno/Laubaugh)
GRAB - Hang On To The Rope (Bonanno/Laubaugh)
GRAB - Moment In Time (Bonanno/Laubaugh)
GRAB - I Find The Time (Bonanno/Laubaugh)
Grace Craichy - Fly Me To The Moon (Living Fuel)
Grady Lark - Stringlehold (Lightning Dance Music)
Grady Lark - New Orleans Man (Lightning Dance Music)
Grady Lark - shakedown (Lightning Dance Music)
Graham Show - Life (Life Records)
Graham Show - Between Moments (Life Records)
Graham Show - Whatever You Want (Life Records)
Grainne Duffy - Don’t You Wanna Know (Lander PR)
Gramma Rikki - You (Independent)
Gramma Rikki - Earth Ship (Independent)
Gramma Rikki - Loved Those Hours (Independent)
Gramma Rikki - Firefly (Independent)
Gramma Rikki - Days (Independent)
Gramma Rikki - Our Story (Independent)
Gramma Rikki - Closer (OBCD)
Grand Pop Station - Shine your love (ManoverMusic)
Grant Terry - Rise Up (Grant Tery Music)
Gravel Roads - Gravel Roads (independent)
Great Plains w/ Darrel & Saskia Delaronde - Heaven On the Line (Independent)
Green Skin Mango - Gsm (WEG Productions)
Greg Vadimsky - Shady Lane (GRV Entertainment)
Gregorian Rock - Deus Lux (CD Baby)
Halston Dare - Boogie On The Bayou (Independent)
Hannyta - Wildflower (MTS)
Hannyta - Make It To The Night (MTS)
Hannyta - Fluctuating (MTS)
Harmony Dreamers - I Come From Earth (MTS)
Harmony Dreamers - Without You (MTS)
Harmony Dreamers - Pass it On (MTS)
Harmony Dreamers - Summertime Memories (MTS)
Harmony Dreamers - The Most Unheard of Thing (MTS)
Harry Kappen - Not All of us Agreed (MTS)
Harry Kappen - Wargames (MTS)
Harry Kappen - The Freedom Inside (MTS)
Harry Kappen - One Life (MTS)
Hay~lee - Falling For You (Kbay Music Production)
HBr - Zombies In Love (Independent)
Heath Millett - Darkness of Day (Indie)
Heath Virock - Why In Your Eyes (Virock Records)
Heather Green - Holding Time (Independent)
Heather Whitney - Moving On Song (MTS Records)
Heather Whitney - What Part of Life (MTS Records)
Heather Youmans - A Little Closer To Happy (Independent)
HeistheArtist - Boom (MTS Records)
HeIsTheArtist - High Fashion (MTS Records)
HeistheArtist - Landslide (MTS Records)
HeIsTheArtist - Childish (MTS)
HeIsTheArtist - What Did I Do (MTS)
HeIsTheArtist - I Want You Around (MTS)
HeIsTheArtist - Parted Waves (MTS)
HeIsTheArtist - God is on my Mind (MTS)
HeIstheArtist - Caught Out There (MTS)
HeIsTheArtist - Mi Amor (City Pop Remix) (MTS)
HeIsTheArtist - Mi Amor (Dream Pop Remix) (MTS)
HeIsTheArtist - I Believe in You and Me (MTS)
Hezekiah - Hologram Dreams w/ Range Da Messenga (3Crates)
High Mileage Outlaws - RedneckNation (Duck Mussel Records)
High Mileage Outlaws - Love Aint What It Used To Be (Duck Mussel Records)
High Mileage Outlaws - Generations (Duck Mussel Records)
High Milleage Outlaws - Killed Another Man(What Drugs Say) (Duck Mussel Records)
HINDM - El Machine (HINDM Records)
His Dreams of Lions - Novel (Droggmore)
Hobnail - Every Single Day (Self)
Holiboiz w/Yosef - Take Me To Temple (Studio Records)
Holiday State - Where I Wanna Be (Southern Sky Music Group)
Holli White Passmore - Mountain Strong (Dee Rock)
Hollis Jordan - Runaway (MTS Records)
Holworks - When Will I Ever Get Over You (Independent)
HotHead - No Problems (Thug Family Nation)
HotHead - No Nomore (Thug Family Nation)
Humphrey-McKeown - Passing Shadows (HM-Music Independent)
Humphrey-McKeown - Madness (Humphrey-McKeown)
Hungry Boy Gang - Ride with me (Hungry Boy Records)
Hungry Boy Gang - RUN’N (Hungry Boy Records)
Hunnid - Let It Blow (Collage Ent)
Imran Ahmed Project X - The Last Exit Door (Independent OZ Productions)
In The Wind - Point Of View (
In Your Mind - Isolated (Cooper)
Indecent Exposure - Take A Look (abos)
Ink - Tatoo Lover (Rock Star Ink)
INK - Abstrac Mind (N/A)
[email protected] - My life (Broken joint records)
Isa Bellido - Up to you (Independet)
Ivy - Super Saiyan (Independent)
Iysoh - Supafly (Elite Life Entertainment)
Izzi Starz - Power Of Infinity (LGBT)
J B Clare - By the Moonlight (Stormin Productions)
J B Clare - Sky Red (Stormin Productions)
J B Clare - Theme for Serena (Stormin Productions)
J B Clare - Beyond the Zone (Stormin Productions)
J Randall Murphy - Earth Abides (Totally Independent)
J Randall Murphy - No Time To Run (Totally Independent)
Jack Ryan - Next Exit, Paradise (indie)
Jackson Slade - Heartache (Cold Beauty Records/Pub)
Jackson Slade - I am (Cold Beauty Records)
Jackson Slade - Eagleheart (Cold Beauty Records/Pub)
Jacob Green - Little Courage (Growth Productions)
jacob needham and the blue trees - wildfire (cashbox)
jacob needham and the blue trees - forever girl (cashbox)
Jacquescoley - Tatoo (International Records Middle East)
Jae Cabrera - Show Out (Future Fires Entertainment)
Jael - Two Step Problem (JLT Records)
Jakarta Criers - Medicine (Independent)
Jamballaz - Hard To Love (Indie)
James Ethington III - Becca (F.T.P.K Production Company)
James Lee Baker - The First Time (MTS)
James Lee Baker - Disappear for the Weekend (MTS Records)
Jane Siberry - Everything (Sheeba Records)
Jane Siberry - Positively Beautiful (Independent)
Jane Siberry - Anytime (Independent)
Janet Devlin - Creatures Of The Night (Insomnia Music Records)
Jason Coulter - Mother Please Forgive Me (trip jct. records)
Jason Crawford Pearce - Loving Arms (independent)
Jason Crawford Pearce - Maybe Now (indie)
Jay Bahnik - Me (Tate Music Group)
Jay Blahnik - Boom Box (Tate Music Group)
Jay Doucet - Another Shade Of Blue (J&S RECORDS)
Jay Elle - Take a Holiday (MTS)
Jay Elle - Miss Mess (MTS)
Jay Jefe - Show Me (Independent)
Jay Luke - Me And My Demons (Jay Luke)
Jayblack - Mix colors (Grind empire inc)
JC James - After All (independent)
JD Black - Shine Cover (JDR)
JE Muzik - Love Letters (Independent)
Jeari Czapla - Junior (Czapla Music Inc.)
Jeff Adams - Go With What You Feel (Bucketstomp)
Jeff Carter - Blue Sky (Independent)
Jeff Carter - Groove City (Independent)
Jeff Dayton - Heart Shaped Harbor (Independent)
Jeff Dayton - Coconut Sun (Independent)
Jeff Fowler - Christmas Of My Heart (Get It!)
Jeff German & The Blankety Blanks - Sit and Think (Slothtrop Records)
Jeff Lionheart - Without You (Generic Records)
Jeff Lionheart - Dont Bring It On Again (Independent)
Jeffrey Alan Dbury - The Cowboy (ROK Records)
Jeffrey Alan Dbury - Dreams (ROK Records)
Jelly Fish Babies - Tear Drops N Kerosine (Pathetic Romantic Records)
Jen Ash - Paroles Paroles (MTS)
Jen Ash - Crush On You (MTS)
Jen Ash - No Lover Lover (MTS)
Jen Ash - Trouble (MTS)
Jennifer Porter - These Years (Cougar Moon)
Jennifer Porter - Road To Redemption (Independent)
Jeremy Harrell - Dancing With a Broken Heart (independent)
Jeremy Parsons - Burn This House Down (MTS)
Jeremy Parsons - Why is the Bluebird Blue (MTS Records)
Jeremy Parsons - Tragedy (MTS Records)
Jeremy Parsons - Good Ole Days (MTS Records)
Jeremy Parsons - Things to Come (Smith Records)
Jeremy Parsons - Something Other Than You Are (Smith)
Jeremy Parsons - Humanity (MTS)
Jeremy Parsons - Life Worth Dyin For (MTS)
Jerry J. Thomas - Johnny Sang A Country Song (TEX-A-BILLY RECORDS)
Jerry J.Thomas - Road to Hope (TMG)
Jes - Lets Get Involved (Jaded Records)
Jesi Terrell - Love Mechanic (Sound Mindz)
Jessamyn Rains - Without Love (Self)
Jessann Lightning River - Let The Children Come (KLP Universl Star Records)
Jesse & the Hogg Brothers - Don’t Mess With Christmas (Black & Blue)
Jesse Xavier band - Goodbye Song (Independent)
Jesse Xavier band - Take away my blues (indie)
Jessie Jay Hudson - Washing Down Memories (R & R usic Recording)
Jessie Jay Hudson - Take Me Home Tie Me Down Set Me Free (R & R Music)
Jessie Jay Hudson - Take Me Hme Tie Me Down (R & R Music Recording)
JHK - Bells (Interlaced Recordings)
Jillian Kohr - The Way That I Love You (Black Cherry)
Jim Cartwright - Talk To Me (Fame & Fortune Records)
Jim Cartwright - I Will Remember You (Fame & Fortune)
Jim Raby & The Good Whiskey Band - Taken (independent)
Jim Seibers - Yes I Do (OMC Publishing)
Jim Vierra - Hopeful Eyes (Fifty Something Records)
Jim Vierra - All She Wrote (Fifty Something Records)
Jimmy Roberts - Afraid (Modena Cove Records)
Jimmy White - I Wish You Peace (828)
Jimmy White - Michaela (828)
Jimmy White - Miserable Man (828)
Jimmy White - No Goodbyes (828)
jimmyjames - i cant hold it anymore (unsigned)
Jimy Bishop - Take It To The Streets (Independent)
JJ McGuigan - Disconnected (MTS)
JJ McGuigan - Save My Life (MTS)
Joanna Melas - We Had No Cares (Independent)
JoAnna Michelle - Too Sophisticated (Twin Angel)
Joe Kendall - Southern Belle (10 Roof)
Joe Kendall - Dinosaur (10 Roof Entertainment)
Joe Pops Bredow - Just The Way That I Roll (Flintown Music)
Joe Pops Bredow - Step Right Up (Flintown Music)
Joe Shelton - Songs of Summer (Notlehs Entertainment)
Joe Taylor - I Cant Make You Love (Independent)
Joe Taylor - Dont Change (Independent)
Joe Taylor - Picture Of Love (Sage West)
Joe Vanloon - Believe In Me (Gamma Records)
Joeleen - Get Close To You (SouHouse M)
Joey Canyon - Life Without You (Glo Dot)
Joey Canyon - White Limousines (Glo Dot)
Joey Canyon - I Cant Start Loving You Again (Glo Dot)
Joey Canyon - Matter Of Time (Glo-Dot)
Joey Canyon - Take Me Back (Glo-Dot)
Joey Duff - Kaia Gerber Baby (JDR Records)
Joey Welz - A Man in Black ( TRIBUTE TO JOHNNY CASH) (Canadian American Records)
Joey Welz - Passion Lady (Canadian American Records)
Johannes Linstead - Tropical Christmas (Independent)
Johannes Linstead - Be My Girl (Independent)
John D. Lewis - The Christmas Wish (Coquet Shack)
John Daly - My Throne (JDP)
John Dartnell - This Is Who I Am (Independent)
John DeNicola - Hungry Eyes (OMAD)
John Dorsch - Save Just One more Life (MTS Records)
John Dorsch - Faith In Me (MTS)
John McDonough - The Place Where I Belong (MTS)
John McDonough - Love You just for You (MTS)
John McDonough - Shooting Star (MTS)
John McDonough - Point Me East (MTS)
John McDonough - We Will Answer The Call (MTS)
John Michael Ferrari - So Beautiful (Cappy)
John Michael Ferrari - Keep Falling All Over Myself (Cappy)
John Michael Ferrari - Somewhere We Could Fall (Cappy Records)
John Michael Ferrari - Be the Smile on Your Face (Cappy Records)
John Michael Ferrari - My Heart Cant Breathe (Independent)
John Michael Ferrari - Masquerading In The Night (Cappy)
John Michael Ferrari - Paint You A Love Song (Cappy Records)
John Michael Ferrari - Youre My Dream Girl (Cappy)
John Michael Ferrari - Whos That Girl? (Cappy)
John Michael Ferrari - One Heck Of A Girl (Cappy Records)
John Michael Ferrari - Music With You (Cappy)
John Ratliff - U (Independent)
John Ratliff & Receptacle - Love Is Magic (Independent)
John Ratliff & Receptacle - My Dear (Independent)
John Ratliff W/Receptacle - Oh My (Independent)
John Richards - Alabama Red (independent)
John Richards - Backyard Blues and Memories (Mercer Road Records)
John Richards - Sounds Like A Woman (Mercer Road Records)
John Richards - Walk A Mile In My Blues (Mercer Road Records)
John Vento - She Drove Me to the Poor House (MTS)
John Vento - Rainbows and Lightning (MTS Records)
John Vento - Humble Way (MTS)
John Vento - Taxi (MTS)
John Vento - Baby Blues (MTS Records)
John Vento - Well Yeah Maybe (MTS Records)
John Vento - Vices (MTS Records)
John Vento - Highwire (MTS Records)
John Vento - Not Your Kinda Man (MTS)
John Vento - Last Sunset (MTS)
John Vento - That Damn War (Father & Son) (MTS)
John Vento - Sweet Chelsie (MTS)
John Vento - Brick By Brick (MTS)
John Willemse - Will Become (GB Records)
Johni Dee - Sweetest Words (Great Lakes)
Johnny B - Finding My Way - (None)
Johnny B - Baby Lets Dance - (None)
Johnny Dan - Going Home For Christmas (Big Hammer)
Johnny Popcorn - Secret (3Crates)
Johnny The Blade - Farewell Brothers (John Banks)
Jon Haggerty - Monster (Independent)
Jordy Greene - The Coast (GreeneRecords)
Joseph Eual - I Am The Candidate (Indie)
Joseph James - Replace (Alex Morelli Music LLC)
Josephus Junior w/Joe Brien Junior - For You (Alpha Omega)
Josh Stanley - ManMachine (Josh Stanley)
Josh Stephens - Talk To Me (Independent)
Josh Walker W/Nina Grace - Just What A Smile Can Bring (One Fifty Media House)
Josh Walker w/Nina Grace) - Just What A Smile Can Bring (One Fifty Media House)
Joy Mover - Home Sweet Home (Independent)
Joy Mover - Heaven In Your Heart (Independent)
JS & TP - Back In Time (Thadeus Records & Productions Ltd.)
JT & The Gunslingers - Midwestern Girls (Sua Sponte Records)
Juicey Neffe - Ride For You (Moneuemental Talent Agency)
Jules Rancher - Mom (Allstar Indie Music PH)
Jules Rancher - I Miss You (Allstar Indie Music PH)
Jules Rancher - Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old) (Allstar Indie Music PH)
Jules Rancher - Leading Man (Allstar Indie Music PH)
Jules Rancher - The Dance (Allstar Indie Music PH)
Julia McDonald - Gravity (Independent)
Just Joe - Life On The Merry-Go-Round (Just Joe Music)
Just Joe - Pismo Beach (Just Joe Music)
Just Right Band - I Want More (Independent)
Just Right Band - Its Gotta Be Love (independent)
Justin Faye - Bree Tree (None)
Justin Faye - Get The Kick (Remix) (None)
Justin Llamas - Friends Dont Come Round (Llamas Ent)
Justin Mattock - Seventeen (MTS)
Justin Turk - Passion (Turk Music LLC)
Justine Dorsey - Cliche (Unison Music Group)
Justine Word - Found (Moneuemntal Talent Agency)
K W Hoffman - Runaway (Hogg Wild)
K W Hoffman - Stages acoustic (Hogg Wild Records)
K W Hoffman - Ira (Hogg Wild Records)
K W Hoffman - Southern Country Thang 2012 re-release (Hogg Wild)
K-Deuce - Commotion (Moneuemental Talent Agency)
K-Major - Category V (3MG Entertainment)
Kadie Lynn - My First Love Song (independant)
KAJ Brothers - The Way You Look Tonight (Living Fuel)
Kanisha - Private Party (Pulsatron Music)
Karen Waterman - I Believe (Rio Hill)
Karree J Phillips - Right Turn (Honkytonk Holler)
Kathana - Show Me Love (None)
Kathana - Drew (Echota Records)
Kathana - Cut My Soul Like Broken Glass (Independent)
Katharina Livia - Keeping Pace (Katharina Livia)
kathleen bradley - In That Empty House (independent)
Kathryn Shipley - God Gave Me All I Need (Independent)
katie rose - rachel (INDEPENDENT)
katie rose - without you (independent)
Katie Rose - See You In My Dreams (indepenedant)
Katie Rose - When Did Love (Independent)
Katie Rose - Take Me To The Railroad Track (Katie Rose)
Katie Rose - Cut My Soul Like Broken Glass (Independent)
Katie Ziegler - He Ain’t Yours (Independent)
Katielynn - My first lovesong (Myfirstlovesong)
Katiemichal & Ash - Girls Not For Sale (Weir Brothers)
Katlyn Lowe - Rise Up (HK&J Records)
Katrina Rowe - A Secret Garden (Wilderness Studios Australia)
Kayland Knight - Butterflies (Millionaires Moves Records)
Kaylin Vela - Summer Bae (Ni Music Inc)
Kaz Bielinski - Love Never Dies (Independent)
KC - show me what you got (That Company)
KCE - Haters (KeepCoolEntertainment)
KDP - Luxury (TPR)
Keely Leanne Kimber - (Unsigned)
Keith Spinney - Together We Stand (Elppa Records)
Keith Spinney - Just For You (Elppa Records)
KeKeDreams - Million (Independent)
Kell Bailey - Faithful God (MTS)
Kelton Ree - Justice (Kelton Ree Media)
Kelton Ree - Summers End (independent)
Ken Foster Band - Day Dreamer (Lone Pine)
Kenneith Perrin - Bring It (Radio Edit) (Pnuematic Records)
Kenneth Roy - In The Night (Independent)
Kenneth Roy - Chairman (Physico/WireonFire )
Kenneth Roy - Close Enough To Know (Physico/WireonFire )
Kenny Harrell - Nothing But Time (KHR)
Kenny Sway - Mrs. Piano (independent)
Kerry Wallace - Halley Came to Jackson (MistandMusic)
Kevin Haynes & Matt Kupcso - Drying Tears (Independent)
Kevin Henderson - I Identify With Christ (Annodominimusic)
Keyvous - Catch A Wave (Street People Entertainment)
Khakalina Crew - Botty Poppie (Khakalina Records)
Khakalina Crew - Botty Pop (Khakalina Entertainment)
Kham Loraamm - Writing in the Stars (Independent)
Kikee Bah - How Can I Repay You (Musique For Life)
Kim Kondrashoff - Bath Tub Boogie (Indie)
Kimik X - Bug Out (Kaieteur Records)
King Jesai - Only Fans (MTS)
King Jesai - Happenstance (MTS)
Kinsey Rose - Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good (Independent)
Kit Bradley - In That Empty House (independent)
kit bradley - DEEP DECEMBER (independent)
Kit Bradley - A Minute Of Your Time (indepenedant)
Kit Bradley - My Son Drew (independent)
Koncrete Kite - Stained Glass (No Bull Productions)
Kool & The Gang w/Sha Sha Jones - Lets Party (Astana)
Kori - You Are (None)
Kosi - Stranger in Every Town (Kosi)
Kosi - Closer (Kosi)
Kristen Karma - Party Heroes (MTS Records)
Kristen Karma - Try (MTS)
Kristen Karma - Dear John (MTS)
Kurt Brunus - Sunrise (Swamp Island Records)
Kurt Brunus Project - Sunrise (Swamp Island Records)
L. J. Phillips - Smile (Independent)
L.H.I. - Whiskey City (Indie)
L.J.Phillips - Sunset Over Water (42.2 Music P/L)
L.J.Phillips - CrossRoads (42.2 Music)
L3v3L Three - Its About That Time (L3V3L Three Entertainment)
L3v3L Three - A Thousand Tears (L3v3L Three Entertainment)
L3v3L Three - Its About That Time (L3v3L Three Ent)
L3v3L Three - My Brother Missing You (L3v3L Three Entertainment)
L3v3L Three - Oh My Soul (L3v3L Three Entertainment)
L3v3L Three - Keep Holding On (Inst) (L3v3L Three Entertainment)
L3v3L Three - If Only For One Night (L3v3L Three Entertainment)
L3v3L Three - Tears Inside My Heart (Instrumental) (L3v3L Three Entertainment)
L3v3L Three - Peace Of Mind (L3v3L Three Entertainment)
L3v3L Three - Calm Nights (Independent)
L3v3L Three - You Keep Telling Me (Independent)
La Donna - Rock,Paper Or Scissors (independent)
La Donna Brewer Capps - Joshua (independent)
La Inedita - Chicha Chicha (Indie)
La Mar Le Warren - Middle Fingers (indie)
La Mar Le Warren - I Miss You (unsigned)
Lady Miranda - One by One - (Rupert Records)
Lady Redneck - 4th of July (MTS)
Lady Redneck - Perfect Love (MTS)
Laird Oli - Ay Yi Yi (Puremusix)
LAMAQ - Get Out of My Way (Diamond Certified Records)
Lando - Unbreakable (Big Money Gettas)
Larry Jay - 2 New Girlfriends (MTS)
Larry Jay - Worldwide Party Day (MTS)
Larry Jay - Heaven (MTS)
Larry Jay - What Do I Have (MTS)
Latoya Ellis - I Know (Blessed no Doubt)
Laurence Elder - Now (Indie)
Laurence Elder - Walk Another Mile (Steel Canyon)
Lawrence Hill - Until The End Of Time (Indie)
Lazer & Levi - One More Time (Indienink Music)
LCA - Big Money Big Problems (lcalabel)
LCA & Melo D Bright - Rainbow (LCALABEL)
LCA & Melo D Bright - Shit Happens (LCALABEL)
LCA & Melo D Bright - Let It Rain (LCALABEL)
Lee Ellis - My Way (308 Productions)
Lee Jay Thomas - I Love the Lord (slammingtracksrecords)
leejaythomas - jesus love you (slammingtracksrecords)
LeeMaxx - With You (Independent)
Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal - This angel will fall tonight (Cybermodster Going Rogue Recordings)
Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal - The Apocolyspe Is Gonna Roll (Cybermodster Going Rogue Recordings)
Leonard Rashad - Another You (BSmooth)
Let There Be Light - Heaven (Independent)
Level 10 - Vector (Indie)
Levi Perry - Missing You Lately (Independent)
Levi Perry - 2020/21 New World Day (Independent)
Lightnin Rod & The Thunderbolts - Delta Time (Memphis Blues Records)
Lil Afrika - Feels So Right (Hall A Fame Music Group)
Lily Lambert - Miss You (Independent)
Linchette Marcel - (Unsigned)
Lisa Coppola - Just a Little Time (Leap Dog Music)
Little Wretches - All Of My Friends (MTS)
Little Wretches - Palms And Crosses (MTS)
Livvy D - Take A Number (1FABLIV)
LJ Phillips - CrossRoads (Independent)
LJ Phillips - The Ship Song (Independent)
LJ Phillips - Deeper Love (Independent)
Lolly Lee - Great Crusade (MTS)
LollyPop - Two-Faced (LollyPopzzz Productions)
LollyPop - Phony (Deep Soul Records/LollyPop Pro)
LollyPop - Space (Deep Soul Records/LollyPopzzz Pro.)
LollyPop - Human Nature (Deep Soul Records)
LollyPop - Endless Love (Deep Soul Records)
Longbridge - Different World (Independent)
Longbridge - Different World ft. Roosevelt & Kennedy (Independent)
Lorenzo Gabanizza and Jeff Christie - I Guess I am the Only One (MTS)
Lori Farney - A Teardrop Of Yours (Lori Farney Music)
Lori Jean Finnila - So Damned (None)
Lori Nebo - Standing Stronger (indie)
Loud Pack Team - We Winnin (Bank Bag Entertainment)
LouieLou152 - Puro (152 Enterprises)
Louise Cappi - Hope (MTS)
Louise Cappi - Keep That Dream Alive (MTS)
Love Carver - This Is the Time (MyPixo Records)
Love Power the Band - You are Already Free (MTS)
Love Power the Band - Are You Looking for Me (MTS)
Love Power the Band - Psychedelic Halo (MTS)
Love Stallion - Slow Release (MTS Records)
Love Stallion - Big Rock Radio (MTS)
Love Stallion - Valentine (MTS)
Luanne Hunt - The Vice (MTS)
Lucas Creek - Call in Sick (Sound Therapist)
Lucky Hodnett - Hump Day Party Song (Lucky 7 Music Group)
Lucy, Racquel and Me - In Times Long Gone (Independent)
Ludlow Creek - What About Love (MTS)
Ludlow Creek - Stoney Lonesome Road (MTS)
Ludlow Creek - This Baby Boy (MTS)
Lyman Ellerman - The Addict (Woodshed Resistance)
Lyndsey Crawford - Gama (Indie)
Lynn Bryant - Somewhere Down the Road (CMG Nashville)
Lyn_Sey - Remember You (SisBro Music)
Lyrics Of Two - Mysteries (Indie)
Lyrics Of Two - Breaking My Heart Was No Accident (Indie)
M D K - On My Way To Heaven (Payroll Records)
Maclear & Quinn - Only One For Me (Meg Records)
Madelyn Victoria - Right Here With You (MTS Records)
Madelyn Victoria - Good At Goodbye (MTS)
Madison McKenzie - Gone But Not Forgotten (Madi M Music)
Madison Mueller - Got This Way (Indie)
Maida - Last Call (Distrokid)
Makenna & Brock - Back On That Train (Indie)
MAL - Acqua Macabre (Cartwheeling Whores records)
Mannex - Motto (Vadzimu Records)
Manu Shanker Mishra - Old Hat Loco (New Age Books)
Marc Chase - Bad Boy Boogie (Independent)
Marcus - Must Be Love (CEO inc)
Margaret Dorn & The Accidentals - Carol Of The Bells (MTS)
Margie Singleton - Jesus Is My Pusher (MTS)
Margie Singleton - Heaven Or Hell (MTS Records)
Margot Kelly & Paul Kenny - A Whole New World (Wilderness Studios Australia)
Margot Kelly and Paul Kenny - A Whole New World (Wilderness Studios Australia)
Marielle Castro - Alone in New York (Number1artists)
Mark Bray - Someday (HGN/David & Goliath)
Mark Klaver - Tell Me You Want Me (Independent)
Mark Lane - Hell Yeah (Mark Lane Music)
Mark Milovats - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Markem)
Mark Sotira - Better Days (Mondotunes)
Marlin James - Let The Devil Go To Hell Alone (Independent)
Marly Media - She Wanna Ride (Marly Media LLC)
Marsha Jewell - Butterfly (Jewell Lane)
Marsha Jewell - Tomorrow (Jewell Lane)
Martini Garden - Give A Little Love (Independent)
Marty Denton - Tyler Rose (Trip Jct. Records)
Marty Denton - Fueled Up, Fired Up, and Ready to Go (Trip Jct. Records)
Marvin Lara - Party Mode (Lara Records)
Mary Anne Message - Reel You In (Independent)
Mason Marek - Drifter (Independent)
Masses Beware - Burn The Past (Indie)
Masses Beware - Easy (Independant)
Master of the House - Someone (Independent)
Matell - Forever Young (Matell Records)
Matell - Joy (Matell Records)
Mateo Luka - Castaway (TCI)
Matt Backer - Let’s Art (Right Records)
Matt Backer - Histrionic Narcissist Blues (Right Records)
Matt Fletcher - Midnight Memories (Independent)
Matt Gonzo Roehr - Dreamer (Gonzo)
Matt Gonzo Roehr - Same Old Song And Dance (Gonzomusic)
Matt Gunner - Good In This Troubled Man (Remastered) (Matt Alston Music/Green Room Studio/KMARecords)
Matt Gunner - Forsaken & Long Forgotten (Karma Records)
Matt VanFossen - Where You Gonna Run To Now (Big Red Entertainment)
Matt Westin - Farm Town (MTS Records)
Matt Westin - You Leave Me No Choice (MTS Records)
Matt Westin - Stomp On (MTS Records)
Matt Westin - Hey Bro (MTS Records)
Matt Williams feat. Alyssa Morrissey - Make Love Tonight (MTS Records)
Matthew Huff - A Little Bit of Crown (Independent)
Matthew Wesley - Real (Independent)
Max and the Ducks - Blacksmith Mould (Max Ducks Records Oy)
Mayden HollyWood - HolllyWood (HollyWay Entertainment)
McKenna Mix - Lucid (Ni Music)
McKenna Mix - Someone Better (Ni Music)
Mechanical Joints - Daba (independent)
Mechanical Joints - Sick (Mechanical Joints)
Megan Rose - Sweetest Girl (Independent)
Megan Rose - Beneath Your Beuatiful (Independent)
Melanie Edwards - Last Days (Melanie Edwards Laboratories)
Melanie Edwards - Daniels Lane (Melanie Edwards Laboratories)
Melekai Joe - Ride in the Storm (Melekai Records)
Melinda Valenzuela - No Parachute (Hall A Fame Music Group)
Melissa Ramski - Keep Dreamin (Ramski Records)
Melody Guy - Mistakes Like Me (Southern Sky Music Group)
Memoir - Fire In Me (Indie)
Meninos Morumbi w/Julian Lennon - Summertime (Music Is Hope)
Mercy Child - Stagecoach Road (Jolly Records)
Merlin Durham - Honky Tonken Guitars (Gamma Records)
Merlin Durham - T.A.G (Gamma Records)
Mermaid Avenue - Turn the Page (Mermaid Avenue Music)
Merry Onette - Ugly Like You (Sounds Merry)
Mic Maze - 20 Years (Mic Maze Music)
Mic Maze - Window Pain (Mic Maze Music)
Micah Lathrop & Andi - My Sweet Friend (Tate Music Group)
Micci Mann YTE - Gold Jewelry Ft. Alezia Redd & Lil Puff (Yung Thugz Entertainment)
Michael Botte Band - Beautiful Day (2425162 Records DK)
Michael Coleman & Caney Creek - Every Second Is a Lifetime (Caney Creek)
Michael Damian - Rock My Heart (Weir Brothers)
Michael Damian - Christmas Time Without You (Weir Bros)
Michael Damian - Must Be Christmas (Weir Bros/UMG)
Michael Damian - There Will Never Be Another You (Weir Brothers)
Michael Damian - Christmas Time Is Here (Weir Bros)
Michael Damian - Wild Irish Heart (Virgin/Weir Brothers)
Michael Damian & Sharon Hendrix - Bring Back The Christmas Card (Weir Brothers/Virgin)
Michael Lusk - My Best Friend (Number1artists)
Michael Mayo - Uncover (Michael Mayo)
Michael Quest - Not Dead Yet (none)
Michael Rapp - Christmas Is For Kids (Stage Too)
Michael Ryan Cassidy - Is It I Lord (Nite Sky)
Michael Stone - Home For Christmas (Michael Stone Music)
Michael Stone - Your Mistake (Michael Stone Music)
Michael William Andersen - CLockS 02​-​14 (Z Classics/BandCamp)
Michaela May - When You Say (IKON Records)
Michelle & Jason Hannan - Out There in the Dark (Waiting for Lester Records)
Midnight Sky - Last Hope for the Modern World (MTS)
Midnight Sky - 442 (MTS)
Midnite Alibi - When Did Love Become My Enemy (Independent)
Mighty Men of Faith - Merry Merry Christmas (N2L Records)
Mighty Men of Faith - Power of We (N2L Records)
Mikaela Dawn - Bye For Now (None)
Mikalyn - 7 Billion (unsigned)
Mike Allen - One For The Money (Its My Song Records)
Mike Allen - A Little to Late (itsmysongmusic)
Mike Ogle - Everyday is Like the First Day (Tate Music Group)
Milly M - Check Me (Cold Cash Music Group)
Mimi Bizarre - The New Normal (Me Songs)
Mind Body & Soul - Do It Right (Independent)
Mind Body & Soul - Just A Matter Of Time (Independent)
Mind Body & Soul - Love Is (Independent)
Mind Body & Soul - Friends Before Lovers (Independent)
Mind Body & Soul - All I Do (Independent)
Mind Body & Soul - Hot & Sexy (Independent)
Minellie and Jules Rancher - Shallow (Allstar Indie Music PH)
Minnie Blue - My Man (The orchard records)
Miqa.el - Walking Medicine (MTS)
Mirage Box - Juarez (Growlyman Endeavors)
Mirage Box - Last Beautiful Woman (Growlyman Endeavors)
Mirage Box - Secret Smile (Growlyman Endeavors)
Mirage Box - Magic (Growlyman Endeavors)
Miranda Purcell - Each Dream (Kbay Music Production)
Miss Freddye - Wade In the Water (MTS Records)
Miss Freddye - Something To Believe In (MTS)
Miss Freddye - Let It Burn (MTS)
Miss Kristin - The Island (Big Fuss Records)
Mistah QBiz2 - Like That (batovision)
Mistah QBiz2 - Her Attitude Ruined The Romance (tad sharpe music)
MNMM - This song is a lie (Art As Catharsis)
Mobjack Tribe - Turn The Radio loud (Stillwater records)
Modern Hype - Sniper (Independent)
Montasia - All Alone (club mix) (In-Ex Records)
Montice Harmon - Take a Ride with Me (BoSsWRiTeR EnT)
Montice Harmon - Never Let Go (BoSsWRiTeR EnT)
Montice Harmon - Caught Up (B - Mix) (BoSsWRiTeR EnT)
Montice Harmon - I Want Your Love (BoSsWRiTeR Ent)
Montice Harmon - I Remember (BoSsWRiTeR Ent)
Montice Harmon - All I Ever Wanted (BoSsWRiTeR Ent)
Moo Moo Dragon - No Changing (Moneuemental Talent Agency)
Moo Moo Dragon - Yea (Moneuemntal Talent Agency)
Moonshine Saints - Sugar and Thunder (independent)
Moonshine Saints - Frankenshine (independent)
Moore Ave Underground - Red (Independant)
Morgan - Midnight Angels (Not Dead Yet)
Morgan White - Sad and Lonely (Independent)
Morris Mills - Beautified (7 Bridges Records)
Morris Mills - Disarm (Independent)
Moses Jones Band - Walk This Road Alone (Independent)
Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra/ Moses Jones - Walk This Road Alone (Independent)
Movement Gang (Capo) - Talkin Shhhh (Movement Gang)
MrMister Wilson - What Will Tomorrow Bring (Starchild Outreach)
Ms Elly - Just Another Day (Ms Elly)
Mulholland/Landon Spradlin - Being Saved (Mulholland Group, Inc)
Mustapha Kamel - Summer Problems (Independent)
M_Vissle - HeartBreakUp (MVR)
Najee Oates - If You Were Mine (Enigma Entertainment Inc)
Najledge - KIN (L.I.T. Entertainment)
Naked Cowgirl - I Love Nick (Sexy)
naked ivy - august (naked ivy productions)
Narcoticz - Ms Extra Credit (5TH AVE GETT $$$ BOYZ Recordz)
Narcoticz - Brick layer (5TH AVE GETT $$$ BOYZ Recordz)
Nashville Drive - Alright (Nashville Drive)
Natalie Jean - The letting go (Natalie Jean music)
Natalie Jean - What Would You Do For Love? (Natalie Jean Music)
Natalie Jean and Levi Moore - The Letting Go (Natalie Jean Music)
Natalie Logan - Heart Shaped Tattoo (Wild Sage Records of Nashville)
Neal Storme - Step Off (Independent)
Neal Storme and the Band of Amazing Friends - Step Outside Yourself (N/A)
Nehemiiaahh - Any Many (Moneuemental Talent Agency)
Neil & Adam - Bright Light (Independent)
Nelson Blanchard - Red Roses in the Snow (Indie)
Nelson Blanchard + Carmella Inchierchiera - Sally Grabbed That Shotgun (CIPI)
Nelson Blanchard/Carmella Inchierchiera - Her Heart is Broken (Indie)
Nelson Blanchard/Carmella Inchierchiera - Who Shot Lizzy? (Indie)
Nelson Blanchard/Carmella inchierchiera - Fallen Heroes 9-11 (Indie)
Nelson Blanchard/Carmella Inchierchiera - Since I Fell For Tennessee (Indies)
Nelson Blanchard/Carmellainchierchiera - Mirror Mirror (CIPI)
Nelson Blanchard/CarmellaInchierchiera - Making Moonshine (CIPI)
Nelson Blanchard/CarmellaInchierchiera - Den of Thieves (CPI)
Nelson Blanchard/CarmellaInchierchiera - Little Pill (CPI)
New Nobility - Asian Girl (TJ)
New Nobility - Love (Spinnup)
New Nobility - Make Better World (Mervilton Records)
Nick Matthews Band - Born Ready (Stage II Records)
Nick Matthews Band - Love Me Til It Hurts (Stage 2 Records)
Nikki Nelson - Two Chords and a Lifetime (Trip Jct Records)
Nino Obenza feat. Jules Rancher - Old Town Road (Acoustic) (Allstar Indie Music PH)
No Sin in Eden - Beautiful (none)
Nolan Wilson - Be The Change (Animal Tracks)
Norine Braun - How Would We Know (Braun and Brains)
Off Orbit - Hello Vultures (Indie)
Oldman Tha Husla - She Wants To Ride (Hub City)
Once Great Estate - Even the Undertaker (MTS)
Only Shallow - OD (Independent)
Owl Entertainment - Trippin remix (Owl Entertainment)
Ozmathoq - Dance Of The Cobra (Independent)
OZMATHOQ - The Great Deciever (Independent)
OZMATHOQ - More Than A Hero (Independent)
Pam Ross - Falling Off the Merry Go Round (MTS)
Pam Ross - Cornflakes and Beer (MTS Records)
Pamela Hopkins - One Too Many (MTS)
Pamela Hopkins - Straight Shooter (MTS)
Pamela Hopkins and Matt Dame - Little Things (MTS)
Pamela Hopkins feat. Jason Lee Campbell - One More Last Kiss (MTS)
Papa Chico - Caught In a Lie (Thadeus Records & Production Ltd.)
Papa Chico - If I Were Dead (Thadeus Records & Productions Ltd.)
Papa Chico - Karina (Thadeus Records & Productions Ltd.)
Papa Satch - Maybe Someday (None)
Pat Boone - Part Of America Died Today (Gold Label)
Pat Payne - Woodstoves and Mules (Pat Payne Music)
Patking - What Love Really Means (Independent)
Paul J Kenny - Birds in Flight (Wilderness Studios Australia)
Paul J Kenny - Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring (Wilderness Studios Australia)
Paul J Kenny - Long Road (Wilderness Studios Australia)
Paul J Kenny - Dark Is The Knight (Wilderness Studios Australia)
Paul J Kenny - I Surrender (Wilderness Studios Australia)
Paul J Kenny - Kickin Around (Wilderness Studios Australia)
Paul J Kenny - Visions of Vienna (Wilderness Studios Australia)
Paul Kenny - Lady Of Mine (Wilderness Studios Australia)
Paul Kenny - Morning Mist (Wilderness Studios Australia)
Paul Kenny - Whale Song (Wilderness Studios Australia)
paul limb - watch them discs levitate and fly away (Independant
Pepie - All Because Two People Fell In Love (SmallTown Records)
Pete Hopkins - Love Come Around (Hopkins Sound)
Pete Miller - A Light Out There (MTS)
Pete Miller - Hard to Find (MTS Records)
Pete Miller - Oh Lord (MTS)
Pete Price - Diamonds in the Skky (MTS)
Pete Price - Before I Go (MTS)
Pete Rose - if You Knew What I Knew (Independent)
Pete Schaffer - Empty Hands (Pete Schaffer Records)
Pharaoh Jissik - Ima GOD (Young Paraohs)
Phillip Broussard - Just Wanna Believe (MTS)
Phillip Broussard - All Over Again (MTS Records)
Piet Louter - From Now On (PL)
pMad - Youth (Sef Released on Zedakube Records)
pMad - Except Me (Self Released - Zedakube Records)
PNT GVN - Always Shines (Tred Mill USA MUSIC)
Pocono Posse - Sun Comes Up (Southern Sky Music Group)
Pocono Posse - Rich Boy (Cd Baby)
Pocono Posse - Long Long Road (Independent)
Podunk Throwbacks - Wrong Side of Life (Attic Recordings)
Poppyiris - Aint No Secret (Independent)
Poppyiris - Popsicle Stand (Independent)
Poppyiris - Uptown Girl Down Home Guy (Independent)
Poppyiris - Vitamin U (Independent)
Primal Sky - Riding Christmas Waves (Totally Independent Music)
Project Suivant - Get Into Motion (S.G.2MEPRODUCTIONS)
Project213 - Naughty Jenny (Independent)
Proper Einstein - A Couple Thousand (Independent)
Pullman Standard - If & When (Independent)
Pullman Standard - Crazy Love (Independent)
Qt Jazz - Faded Royalty (So Jazzy Entertainment/Sony)
Qu33nDaHuslah - Back Up Off Me Ft Deniro5hunnid (Loyalty Ova Royalty Records)
Quarry - Super Arcade (Lowfieye)
Queen Be3 - (QueenBe3)
Queen Be3 - Want me uncut (QueenBe3)
Rachel Louise Taylor - Girls Like Me (Independent)
Rae Dawn - Timber Ridge (Green.s.leaves)
Raffaella Piccirillo - Nel Vento feat. Alessandro Amato (independent)
Raffaella Piccirillo - Lost (CDbaby)
Rahn Anthoni - Highway (MTS)
Raider Moo - Never Been The Type (Nvr Style Entertainment)
Raj Hills - My Type (Captger Ent.)
Ralph Tamosko - Body language (EASY STREET MUSIC GROUP)
Randi Perkins - The Last Harvest (AmeriSong)
Randy Allen - Tell Me (EDGE HILL Records)
Randy Moore - Paw (Highway 59 Records)
Randy Seedorff - Dream (MTS)
Randy Steppick - All About the Money (Randy Steppick Music)
Raven Cain - Son of he South (405 Hollywood)
Rayla Ray - Rescue my Love (Loot Boot Records LLC)
Real Men - Real Men Wear Masks (Real Men Records)
Reality - Believe (Moneuemental Talent Agency)
Rebecca Angel - For What Its Worth (A Train)
Rebecca Angel - Just The Two of Us (Indie)
Rebecca Angel - Thoughts & Prayers (Timeless Grooves)
Rebecca Angel - Waiting in Vain (Timeless Grooves)
Rebecca Day and The Crazy Daysies - Living Room Blues and Faith (Independent)
Rebecca Reel - South China Sea (RC Airtime)
Red Velvett - Cocaine (Indie)
Red Velvett - Atomik (Indie)
Reise - Thought You Should Know (IVth World Records)
Rellen - Ocean Floor (Independent Artist)
Remains of Jade - Sweet Whiskey (Independent)
Remerge Band - You Should Have Been Gone (The Music Makes The Green Ent & Pub)
Remus Tucker Band - Come On (independent)
Remus Tucker Band - Lonely Mile (Greystone Records)
Renee Zawawi - Happy Hour (PSP)
Renee Zawawi - Mom (PSP)
Renee Zawawi - Smooth Operator (PSP)
Renita Zintel - Sinner( Single) (Indie)
Rey T - R U The 1 (MRE Entertainment)
Rhett May - Cocktails & Cannabis (Independent)
Rhett May - Sing For Me (Independent)
Rhett May - Lexxi McCoy (Independent)
Rhett May - Latex Lady (Independent)
Ria Carval - Meant To Be (Ria Carval)
Ria Carval - Our Song (J Hansel)
Ria Carval - Reflections (Independent)
Rich Chambers - I Wonder (CUB Records)
Richard Burns - Too Much To Live For (Tate Music Group)
Richard Lynch - I Stood Right There And Lied (Twang Thang Country)
Richard Lynch - Cut & Paste (Fence Row Records)
Richard Lynch - Keyboard Cowboy (Fence Row)
Richard Lynch - Starting Now (MTS Records)
Richard Lynch & Ronnie McDowell - Love Tatoo (Twang Thang Country/MTS)
Richard Lynch and Leona Williams - Another Honky Tonk Song (Fence Row/MTS)
Richie Thorpe - Holding on to love (Control Room)
Richie Thorpe - Let me be the one (Control Room)
Richie Thorpe - Need You More Than Life (Control Room)
Richie Thorpe - Need You More Than Life (Control Room)
Rick Kokan - Those Golden Dreams (Mellowcat Publishing)
Rick Saga - Forging the Master Mind (9ftGrand Productions)
Rickey Whipple - Should I Hold You Tighter? (Independant)
Ricky G - Made to Last (N/A)
Ricky Mazarati - Back Block (Billionaire Dreamz LLC)
RIDICULAS TRIXX - Waterfalls Are Beautiful (Independent)
Ridley Woof - Kidd (Granary)
Rights For Animals - Wait A Minute (Rights For Animals)
Rights For Animals - Tell Me Girlfriend (Rights For Animals)
Riki Riki Tave y La Banda Misteriosa - (Noseso Records)
Rita Faye Tanner - Finest Man In Town (KMA)
Rita Faye Tanner - Touching You, Touching Me (KMA)
River Road Trio - The Wind (independent)
Rob Eagle - Hearing Voices (RE Music)
Robert George Vines - GIT C.P. R. (KGR Records LLC)
Robert Kirkland - Back in the Hole (Independent)
Rocking Angel W/Colleen Rose Novak - Rocking Angel (Paradise Road)
Rocky Del Arnold - IN THAT EMPTY HOUSE (independent)
Rocky Del Arnold - EMPTY HOUSE (independent)
Rocky Del Arnold - At The Fairhope Pier (independent)
Rod Richmond - Green Means Go (Red White And Blue Records)
Roddan - Bitter Pill (CD Baby)
Roddan - Leaving Today ft. Eliza Gilkyson⁷ (Flying Horse Music)
Rodney Collins - I Can Tell By The Way You Dance (You’re Gonna Love Me Tonight) (Rodney Collins Music)
Rodney Keith Richardson - My Forever Dream (Independent)
Roger Gomez - Mondays Guide (bigvisionmusic)
Roman Mucha - Life (Wilderness Studios Australia)
Ron Ramsey Jr - Comin Back Home (Independent)
Ronin - Greetings (N/A)
Ronnie Bar - Emeralds (Indie)
Ronnie Bar - Emerlads (Indi)
Ronnie Run - Enough (Bully Track) (R.R.E.)
Ronnie Run - Put It Down (Indie)
Ronnie Run - I Remember (Unsigned)
Ronnie Run - Top Notch (Artist Reach)
Ronnie Run - My Moment (Reality Rap Entertainment)
Rosetta Walker - Billy (Walker Records Production)
Rosetta Wlker - Billy (Walker Records Production)
Rosilee - Words Of Fire (Independent)
Ross Key - Saturday Night (TCN Records)
Roy Edwards - If you only knew (Bolivia Records)
Royalush - Shot For America (High School Records)
Royalush - Complicated (High School)
Russ Parrish - Together (Russ Parrish)
Russell Lee - Picture (Independent)
Rvkah - Love (Independent)
Ryan Chernin - Look Right (Inhuman Records)
Ryan Maynard - No Turbulence (Home) (Ryan Maynard Music)
S.H.O.U.T - One Of The Dead (jeppe records)
S.L.A.P. - Home Run (L.N.O. Records)
Sally J. Morgan - Cougars (Blank)
Sally J. Morgan - Love Bandit (SJM Records)
Sam Hatmaker - Southern Soul (Independent)
Sam Hill - Best Of Me (EskEmo Records LLC)
Sam Hill - In the Water (EskEmo Records)
Sam Sun - Save Me (Independent)
Sam Sun - Save Me [Deluxe] (Unsigned)
Samantha Jane - I Love Max (Lucera Records)
Sammy Hakim - Get A Little Closer (Lamon)
Sammy Hakim - Empty Bottle (EXT Independent)
Sandra Lee Burdick - My House (SBR)
Santa Clara - Melt Away (Prodigy Records)
Santa Clara - Human (Everything Is Changing) Ft. Laurell (Prodigy Records)
Santa Clara - Be That Way (Prodigy Records)
Santa Clara - Winter Sleep (Prodigy Records)
Santa Clara - That Time Of Year (Prodigy Records)
Sarah Packiam - Messed Up (Independent)
Sarantos - Baba Mama (MTS)
Sarantos - I Love To Love You Too (Independent)
Sarantos - I Never Catch the Train (MTS)
Sarantos - EyeBANGing (MTS)
Sarantos - 911 & The Fallen (MTS)
Sarantos - A Spoonful of Greece (MTS)
Sarantos - My Tears Fall (MTS)
Sarantos - Party In Texas (MTS)
Sarantos - Comets (MTS)
Sarantos - Something to believe In (MTS)
Sarantos - I Got NO Money (MTS)
Sarantos - No One Promised you a Good Life (MTS Records)
Sarantos - The Time (For Miracles) (MTS)
Sarantos - Rain Guitar (MTS)
Sarantos - Love Is Love (MTS)
Savage W/Mandy S. - Time Drifts Away (Independent)
Savannah - We Are Us (MTS Records)
Savannah - Terror In Disguise (MTS Records)
Savannah Garza (SavvyG) - There For You (independent)
Saving Change - Bloom (Independent Artist)
Savv - Trippin remix (Owl entertainment)
Savv - Ask me (Owl entertainment)
Scott E - Badadoo Bop Bop (Scott E Productions)
Scott James - We Can Be The Future (Independent)
Scott Southworth - Honky Tonk (Self Released)
Scotty Hollywood - The Ricochet (MTS)
Scotty Hollywood Band - Human to Human (MTS)
Sean Ward - Sugar and Thunder (Independent)
Second Echo - Innocent (Spectra Music Group/Tabletop Records)
See Your Shadow - I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello (MTS Records)
See Your Shadow - It Starts With Hello (MTS)
See Your Shadow - Christmas on Cellblock 9 (MTS)
See Your Shadow - Missing West Virginia (MTS)
See Your Shadow - Crazy Things Like That (MTS)
SeepeopleS - (RascalZRecordZ)
Segal Venerate - Wide Open Skies (Independent)
Selfishadows - More to Come (Cluster)
Seven Seconds To Zero - I Stole Her Kiss (SoulShockStar Records)
Seymour Glass - De olor a mentholatun (InDie Studio)
Shane Anderson w/ Collectively BoB - P.U.S.H. (Indie)
Shane Anderson w/ Collectively BoB - P.U.S.H. (Indie)
Sharell Desiree - Country Bumpkin Hickabilly (Silver Buckle Records)
Sharon Driscoll - Strong Enough To Cry (Fame & Fortune Records)
Sharon Driscoll - Id Rather Surrender (Fame & Fortune)
Sharon Driscoll - You Cant Take (Fame & Fortune)
Shawn Adam Williams - Motor City Woman (Independent)
Shawn Adam Williams - The Only Love I Knew (Independent)
Shawn Adam Williams - We Have Had Enough (Self Released)
Shawn Adam Williams - Miss High Roller (Independent)
Shawn Adam Williams - You Better Tell Somebody (Independent)
Shawn Adam Williams - Mrs. Mojo (Independent)
Shawn Adam Williams - Sorrow (Independent)
Shawn Adam Williams - Just Let It In (Independent)
Shayne Cook - Matters Of the Heart (Hunting Ground)
Shayne Cook - Miles Away (MTS)
Shayne Leighton - Invincible (Spectra Music Group)
Sheryl Clapton - North Of Santa Fe (Sheryl Clapton Records)
Shirley Taylor - Rockin Voter Moter (Independent)
Shorty B - Summertime (Indie)
Shotgun Tori and The Hounds - Gravitas (Self released)
Shurrock - The Lights of the Highway (Shurrock)
shurrock - Laguna (shurrock)
Shy Monster - Reality Only Happens Once (Silience Records)
Shytown - Survive (Ni Music Group)
Siana King - Girls Rule (BumpFire)
Siana King - Zip, Zero, Nada, Nothing! (Bumpfire)
Silver Travis - Sweet Carolina (Independent)
Simon Kinney-Lewis - String Pie (Indie)
Simon Paparo - Gold At Midnight (Independent release)
Sivill Williams - Last Dance (Independent)
Sivill Williams - Nothing To Say (Independent)
Sky of Change - Lost Lagoon (Independent)
Skye Holland - Ignite (Prodigy Records)
Skye Holland - Her (Prodigy Records)
Skye Holland - We Could Be (Prodigy Records)
Skylark Drive - Slow Ride (Silver Buckle Records)
Sleep State - Make A Move (Independent)
Slightly Left of Centre - Euphoria (Spectra Music Group/Tabletop Records)
Slyide - Fame (Slyide Entertainment)
Smisch - The Story Of My Life (Elysium)
Snir Yamin - Missed Love (feat. Yoed Nir) (The Cutting Room)
SNS3D - DRUGS FT atg deezy (Stack N STASH ent)
Sofia Evangelina - Endure (Independent)
Sofia Evangelina - Get Outta My Head (Tsarina Records)
Soho Rodeo - Patriotic Underwear (Independent)
Soleil - Start Again (Studio 5)
Solo Da Artist - B.Y.E (88:77 Entertainment Group)
Solomon Reynolds - Emma Dear (Independent)
Son Diezel - Afterlife (Independent)
Son Diezel - Money (Independent)
Son Diezel - Still Jocking (Marly Media Group)
Son Diezel - Spotify Jumping (Marley)
Songs of Aran - Smoke and Fire (Songs of Aran)
Sonya - Just Another Day (Independent)
Sonya Jevette - Whenever UR Around (Sound Byte)
Sorin Weissman - Together (Independent)
Soul Unique - Soul Unique (Unsigned)
Soul Unque - Imagination (unsigned)
Soulful Femme - Trouble (MTS)
Soulful Femme feat. Joanna Connor - 40 Under (MTS)
SoundCell - Nightflight (Soundcell)
Southern Silk Duo - Motion of Love (Pureforce Records)
SouthSide Drive - Broken Windows (Southern Cross Records)
SpaazzTheWriter - On Another Level (SpaazzMuezik/Penzdeep)
Special Request Ft Rey T - Down and Out (MRE Entertainment)
Spencer Audio - Champions (Tabletop Records)
SpringTown W/Cindy & Michael Tucker - Down In Cabo San Lucas (Solaris Entertainment)
Spud MacBain - The Only One (independent)
Stand Volume - Temporary Slave (Macaronesla)
Steff Mahan - Love Will (Equalizer Records)
Steff Mahan - I Wish (Equalizer Records)
Stephanie Atkins w/Sydney Atkinson - Skinny Jean Bonfire (Eloquent)
Stephanie Lee - Vulnerable (Stephanie Lee)
Stephen A. Love - Number One Son Of A Gun (James Allen Promotions)
Stephen Foster & Howler - Hold On Houston (Indie Records)
Stephen Foster & Howler - Medicine Man (Indie Records)
Stephen John - (Indie)
Stephen Peters - Echoes Of The Past (Stephen Peters)
Stephen Peters - Armonya (Stephen Peters)
Steve Free - Count Your Blessings (Glory Train Records)
Steve Kroeger - Waiting For The Break (Prodigy Records)
Steve Kroeger - Coastline Feat. Skye Holland (Prodigy Records)
Steve Kroeger - All Day (Prodigy Records)
Steve Kroeger - Stories (Prodigy Records)
Steve Kroeger W/T Skye Holland - We Are United (Come On) (Prodigy Records)
Steve Kroeger x J$N x Skye Holland - Kids (Achtabahn Mix) (Prodigy Records / Achtabahn Aufnehmen)
Steve Kroeger x Skye Holland - So Close (Prodigy Records)
Steve Oriet - Diggin On You (Steve Oriet Music)
Steve Sauve - Always On My Mind (DME)
Steve Sauve - My Heart (DME)
Steve Sauve - Dreamer (Ditto Music)
Steve Sauve - Live Action (DME)
Steve Sauve - Catch A Falling Star (DME)
Steve Sauve - Eye To Eye (DME)
Steven Fox - Let Em Know (Long Way)
Steven Fox - If You Believe (Long Way)
Steven Pol - Rouge (Independent)
Steven Rodriguez - Mr. Right Now (Tate Music Group)
Stinkybob - It Could Never Happen To You (Distrokid)
Stone - Fireball (Independent)
Stormy Weather - Jalapeno Baby (MIDNITE ALIBI)
Studeo - Tomorrow Is A Brand New day (Bongo Boy Records)
Suave_uk - same old (unsigned)
SuckerTrap - Take It Away (SODEH Records)
Sugarbeach - You Believe in Love (Independent)
Sugarcane Jane - Burn (MTS)
Suicide Bunnies - Know That I Know (Evolution Inc)
Suicide Bunnies - Serbian Cutie (Evolution Inc)
Suicide Bunnies - Black and White (Evolution Inc)
Summernightbrand - Golden Hair (Summernightbrand)
Sun King Rising - Free Will In China Blue (MTS)
Sun King Rising - One More Story to Tell (MTS)
Sun-Pinned Leaves - Lakes and Sky (Self Released)
SUPERSONIK - Hey ya (indie)
Susan Toney - Starlight (Strange Child)
Sweet Ana Brown - Escape (Barry International)
Sweet Ana Brown - Escape (Barry International)
Swigg - I can see (Pack of wolves ent.)
Swigga Geovanni - DMLY (Independent)
Sylkie Monoff - Here You Come Again (Manufaktur/Monoff Music)
Sylkie Monoff - Like Rain (SYWA Records)
Symbol Six - Never Gonna Make It (Jailhouse Records)
T Bone - Round Here (Moneumental Talent Agency)
Tal Babitzky - Sisters & Brothers (Gray Zone)
Talina - Mockingbird (Rox Productions)
Tanya Lynn - Airplanes In The Sky (independent)
Tanya Lynn - Eclipsing (Independent)
Tanya Lynn - Love Immersion (Independent)
Tanya Lynn - Illusion Of My Heart (Independent)
Tanya Lynn - He Built Me On Rock (Tanya Lynn Sounds)
Tanya Lynn - Drowning In The Sea Of Loneliness (Tanya Lynn Sounds)
Tanya Marie Harris - Treat Me Like Your Girlfriend (TMH)
Tanya Marie Harris & Band - Treat Me Like Your Girlfriend (TMH)
TanyaMae Mandigo - Middle Child (Independent)
Tawana Lael - Addicted (K.Y.D.A. Entertainment, LLC)
Taydem Shoesmith - Are You Clapping (MTS)
Taydem Shoesmith - Are You Clapping? (MTS)
Taydem Shoesmith - This, That (MTS Records)
Taydem Shoesmith - So Mrs. Claus (MTS)
Taylor Faith - See What You Did (Independent)
Taylor James - Good News (Hearts of Gold)
Tedi Brunetti - Evil Woman (MTS)
Tedi Brunetti - Eat, Sleep, Repeat (MTS)
Ten Penny Gypsy - Your True You (MTS)
Terrell Tolbert - Lauy my burdens down (independent)
Terrell Tolbert - Lay My Burdens Down (independent)
Terrell Tolbert - Power of Prayer (Independent)
Terry Bell - Find The Stars (Independent)
Terry Tuck - But I Love You (T.T.R.)
TESAR - With the Radio On (SabrePointe)
Test - Test (Test)
Texas Original Southern Music - Texas Again (independent)
Texas Original Southern Music - Moonlight Bright (Independent)
TEXAS Original Southern Music - Summer On The Farm (Independent)
TEXAS Original Southern Music - Caesar (Independent)
TEXAS Original Southern Music - Reckless Abandon (Independent)
TEXAS Original Southern Music - Long Black Limousine (Independent)
TEXAS Original Southern Music - Hard Luck (Independent)
TEXAS Original Southern Music - Wrangler (Independent)
TEXAS Original Southern Music - Visions of Love (Independent)
TEXAS Original Southern Music - Under Your Power (Independent)
TEXAS Original Southern Music - The Other Side of Lonesome (Independent)
TEXAS Original Southern Music - Dirt Road (Independent)
TEXAS Original Southern Music - Welcome Home (Independent)
TEXAS Original Southern Music - Take A Little Trip (Independent)
Thadeus Project - Before Your Eyes (TPR)
Thadeus Project - Picture Book (TPR)
Thadeus Project - The Hurt (TPR)
Thadeus Project - Load The Wagon (TPR)
Thadeus Project - Hold On (TRP)
Thadeus Project - Galileo (TPR)
Thadeus Project - Aint That So (Independent)
Thadeus Project - Full Circle (TPR)
Thadeus Project - Wanderlust (TPR)
Thadeus Project - Before The Dawn (THADEUS RECORDS &PRODUCTIONS LTD)
Thadeus Project - The River (Thadeus Records & Productions Ltd.)
Thadeus Project - Night Until The Day (Thadeus Records & Prod. Ltd)
Thadeus Project - Carousel (Thadeus Records & Productions Ltd.)
Thadeus Project - Once Upon A Time (Thadeus Records & Productions Ltd)
Thadeus Project - Us featuring Larke Angel (Thadeus Records & Productions Ltd.)
Thadeus Project - Look at You featuring Gary Spizzirri (Thadeus Records & Productions Ltd.)
Thadeus Project - Fly With Me - Featuring Gary Spizzirri (Thadeus Records & Productions , Ltd)
Thadeus Project - Ireland featuring Larke Angel (Thadeus Records & Productions Ltd.)
Thadeus Project - Delivered (Thadeus Records & Productions Ltd.)
Thadeus Project - Featuring Gary Spizzirri - Fly With Me (Thadeus Records & Productions , Ltd)
The 11th Floor Band - Sweet Mystery (Pacific songs)
The Band From Here - Be Careful Who U Trust (The Band From Here Music)
The Barefoot Man - No app for that (Barefoot Records)
The Beginning - Barefoot thru Hell (Melekai records)
The Canadian Legends - Remember (DME)
The Canadian Legends - Town (DME)
The Cog with No Boundries & Kathy Shortt - White Dove (Independent)
The Collabration of G,s - All worth it (Innorex Three Management LLC.)
The Crista Carroll Band - Your Perfection (Spirit Dog Entertainment)
The Crista Carroll Band - Good Times! (Spirit Dog Entertainment)
The Curse Of KK Hammond - Death Roll Blues (MTS)
The Curse of KK Hammond - In the Dirty South (MTS)
The Curse of KK Hammond - She Is My Precious (MTS)
The Dance - Joe - Devil Wears Prada (Melekai)
The Diva - Diva Moon (Diva Tunes)
The Diva - Diva Love (Diva Tunes)
The DIva - Country Diva Blues (Diva Tunes)
The DIva - Country Diva Queen (Diva Moon)
The Falling Down - Mountains of Madness (Brahma Projects)
The Flowered Gnomes - English Cat (Indie)
The Flowered Gnomes - Chiara (none)
The Flowered Gnomes - Lisa (Indie)
The Girly Girls - Fashionista, Baby (Girly Girls Inc)
The Grand Prospect - Evelina (Independent)
The Grave Escape - Misfit World (Independent)
The Great Plains - Heaven On The Line (Indie)
The Groovalottos - Do You Mind (Independent)
the Hailers - Luanne (solaris)
the Hailers - Getaway (solaris)
the Hailers - waiting for the sun (solaris)
the Hailers - waiting for the sun part two (solaris)
the Hailers - Safe in your Arms part six (solaris)
the Hailers - New Song thirteen souls (solaris)
The Hailers - Look At Us Now (solaris)
The High Road - Brand New You (MTS)
The Hue w/Lady Bug Mecca - Slick (Peace Uv Mine)
The Imaginary Suitcase - Full Moon lullaby (Indie)
The Impersonators - Cloud Nine (MTS Records)
The Impersonators - Rodeo (MTS)
The Impersonators - Scarlet Hell (MTS)
the jacob cade project - danger (cashbox)
the jacob cade project - ball and chain (cashbox)
The Lane Project - Any News For Me? (Violet)
The Limits w/Chris Alvy - I Look So Good (Luxury Records)
The Mason Dixon Band - Come On With Me (Independent)
The Mears Brothers - You Know Who You Are (A.R.C.)
The Nations - Desert Kisses (Sepia Tones Records)
The New Wave - Be My Girl (Independant)
The Nichole Hatton Band - Yesterdays Dream (GVA)
The Nightbirds - Next to You (Blue Robin Music)
The Original Jones - Here With You (Company Jones Records)
The Papa Joe Show - Keep Rillin Long (Independent)
The Podunk Throwbacks - Wrong Side of Life (Attic Recordings)
The Real Hooks - Heart Attack (Spectra Music Group/Tabletop Records)
The Rev Jaystone - See You Again (Acoustical Thrash Music)
The Rich and Famous - Blast Off (Independent)
The Rich and Famous - Take Us To Your Leader (Independent)
The Rich and Famous - Dirty Music (Independent)
The Ricky G Band - Friday Night (Independent)
The Shed Spiders - Whats Wrong With The World (PAp Records)
The Shrinks - MeVille (independent)
The Silver Travis Band - Sweet Carolina (Self Produced)
The SLVR Tongues - Johnny Cash (The SLVR Tongues Entertainment LCC)
The Smoke Dopers - Mutant Ganja Pot Heads (Smoke Dopers Records)
The Snares - Floyd County Redneck (Matthew Snare Music)
The Struggs - Dancing on The Grave (Independent)
The Supersonics UK - City Streets (Independent)
The ToneShifters - Alabama Moon (Independent)
The Vics - Proud (MTS Records)
The Vics - Fourth and Clay (MTS Records)
The Wrong Windows - Days of Yore (Quagmire Sparky)
Thedeus White - Ride On By (PineHill Sound)
These Young Fools - Something Soft (Independent)
Thom Sessa - Dance With Me (Heavy Lift)
Thomas - Dirty On The Stereo (Independent)
Thomas Taylor - Get Her on The Dance (Merlin RMD LLC Records)
Thomas Taylor and Ka$hed Out - West Virginia Bound (Merlin RMD LLC Records)
Thunder Wheel - Every Woman For Herself (Elppa Records)
Tia McGraff - One Tin Soldier (MTS Records)
Tia McGraff - Stubborn In My Blood (Bandana)
Tia McGraff - Go Your Own Way (MTS)
Tia McGraff - With Love (MTS)
Tia P - No Mirrors (Independent)
Tierra Blanca - Always My Woman (Right Records)
Tiffany Josey - Supastar (CharmaineDevon ind records)
Tiffany Josey and the TJ Projekt - Only 4 U (DE MANAGEMENT)
Tim Ehmann - Heart of Love (Tim Ehmann Productions)
Tim Garmon - Today I Started Loving You Again Again (GMN Records)
Tim Garmon - Radio Girl (GMN RECORDS)
Tim Garmon - All The Woman (GMN RECORDS)
Tim Garmon - God Knows (GMN RECORDS)
Tim Garmon - Talkin To You (GMN RECORDS)
Tim Garmon - Girls Girls Girls (GMN RECORDS)
Tim Garmon - Chicago Country Girl (GMN RECORDS)
Tim Garmon - Eyes Of Love (GMN RECORDS)
Tim Garmon - When You Think Of Love (GMN RECORDS)
Tim Garmon - My Friend My Brother (GMN RECORDS)
Tim St.Clair - Hello (TCS)
Tim St.Clair - Its So Easy (TCS)
time - bomb (tb records)
Timothy James - Crazy (Unsigned. Cutcraft Music Group - Publisher)
TJ Leonard - Roadtrip (MTS)
TL Total Life - I Will Try (Independent)
Tom Bender - Keep the Fire Burning For Me (feat. Justine Blazer) (Independent)
Tom Dixon - Kick Start This Party (Indie)
Tom Maclear - Unapproachable (Meg Records)
Tom Morgan - Not To Blame (Poocham Road Records)
Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps - Working Class Voodoo (MTS)
Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps - Jaded Mind (MTS Records)
Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps - Turn Back The Time (MTS)
Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps - With Eyes Closed (MTS)
Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps - By 2022 (MTS)
Tommy Rice & P. Barnett - Life Without Your Love (Tommy Rice Music)
Tommy Rice w/P. Barnett - So Much Love To Give (Tommy Rice Music)
Tommy Rice with Ed Silver - My Momma Loved Me (Tommy Rice Music)
Tone Harris - You (KLS)
Toni Grace - Summertime (Ni Music)
Tony Alexander - The Mean Ones (Stone Studios International)
Tony Angelo - Scars (DCM Records)
Tony Clarke - Put That Country Song On (Indie)
Tony Marino - The Death of a Romance (Toneman Productions)
Total Life - A Great Love (Independent)
Tower Circle - Come A Little Closer (Independent)
Tower Circle - Holding On (Independent)
Tr3y Tr3y - In the Process (Fortunate Music)
Trace Thompson - Jesus & Me (Trace Thompson)
Tracey Futch - Could it be (Opentoe)
Tracy Colletto - Be Kind to Yourself (Lore Music Publishing)
Tracy DeLucia - Girls Girls Girls (Winter Park Records)
Traedonya - Another Lie (Prohibition)
Travis James Manning - Underwater (Nasty Cactus Music)
Travis Reid Ball and the Trouble - California (Indie)
Trevon Moment - Introduction (Independent)
Trey Texas w/Thyra Sanders - Dont Judge Me (independent)
Triaca - EP Triaca (Triaca)
Trinia Partee - Storm Survivor feat. G.H.E.T.T.O. Preacha (Independent)
TripSev CT FT WORM - Pray For Me (AFFILATES People Hustling Daily Ent.)
TripSev CT, Jayzon J, Lyric Kane, Grillabeats - Eclipse (SOULAR TRIPPIN FAMILIA)
Troy Bullock - Country Go Round (Mont-Merch Records)
Tru-Dru - Make It/Break It (Tru Emperahz Entertainment)
Tru-Dru - Straight Off Tha Chain (Tru Entertainment)
Trustee Savings Bank - Menace (Independent)
Tutto Fresco - To The Top ft. LiveSosa (Independent)
Two Crows Joy - Another Minute (indie)
TyJay Ruléz - Excuses Feat. S.A.F.E.47 (Independent)
TyJay Ruléz - Body 2 Body (Independent)
Tyler Brant - Too In Love (Independent)
Tyler Lenius - Paralyzed (Lenius Entertainment)
Undeadz - Poser (Gonzomusic)
Unicorn Dreams - The Wind (Indy)
Unique - Fuego (Self)
Unique Cortez - Fuego (Independent)
United Duality - United (Independent)
Untamed - We Came To Party (None)
Valdi Sabev - Freedom (Independent)
Valentine Bennett - Live.Laugh.Love (n/a)
Vanilla Base - Show Me You (indenpendent)
Vardis - Jolly Roger (Hoplite Records)
Varges Thomas - Something Special (vargesthomasmusic)
Varsity Rees - The Groove (Varsirtylife)
Vento, Ziggy, Hawk & McCarthy - Love, Lust & Wreckage (MTS)
Vera Chisvo - Right Man (Vadzimu Records)
Vera Chisvo - Why Did I Hurt you (Vadzimu Records)
Vicki Clark - White Stallion (independent)
Victor Solomon - I’m Not Your Boyfriend (Independent)
Vittoroma - Wheels on Fire (Independent)
Vladopus9 - The Hovering Boot (Independent)
Vuola - Under Above Orion Venus Loves (VR Finland)
Vuola - Laugh Vivid Often Adore Unity (VR Finland)
Walter Finley - While the Sun Still Shines (TrueBorn Publishing, LLC)
Walter Zwol - Street Fighting Man (EMI America)
WarHead Rising - Dangerous (Barry International)
Warren Walters - Green. Jade (Wwio music group)
Warren Walters - Green Jade (Wwio music group)
Warren Walters - Grandma Grandpa Blues (Wwio Music Group)
Warren Walters - Commanche red (Wwio music group)
Warren walters - Commanche red, green jade, sunset blues, apache white apache black, burgundy blues. (WWIO MUSIC group)
WAX - Diamonds In The Rough (Independent)
Way Man w/Parker Yobei - Best of Parker (Pacific Islands Records)
Wayne Hallett - Island Vibes (Unaffiliated)
Weathered Wall - You Always Give Up (CD Baby)
Weathy Marly FT. 5ive Marly - 100 Days 100 Nights (Marly Media Group/MoneumentalTalentAgency)
Weathy Marly FT. Pluto Dash - For The Road (Marly Media Group/MoneumentalTalentAgency)
Whatley & Co. - Big Fam (Electric Park Records)
Whatley and Co. - Big Fam (Electric Park Records)
Whiskey Crossing - Hotter Than A Pistol (Independent)
Whitewater Band - Beam of Light (Many Lives Publishers)
Whitewater Band - Unpredictable (Many Lives)
Whitewater Band - All for a Girl (Many Lives)
Whitewater Band - Shores of Home (Many Lives)
Wil Van Winkle - Blame Me (Pie-Raid Records)
Wil Van Winkle - Back in the Day (Pie-Raid Records)
Wildman Pebo Wilson - Barn Burn’s Down (Gamma Records)
Will Rockwell - Deep State (Rock City Records)
Willamena - Broken Heart (Ten Lanes Wide)
Willie and the Goodsouls - The Future (MTS)
Winston Wire Clarke - Push me aside (WWIO MUSIC group)
Winston Wire Clarke - Beverly (Wwio music group)
Winston Wire Clarke - High time (Wwio music group)
Winston wire. Clarke - Bad boys (Wwio music group)
Winston wire. Clarke - Politician (Wwio music group)
World5 - Heartbeat Of The World (Famous Records Corp. / Fontana)
WORLD5 - I Promise You (Famous Records Corp. / Fontana)
WORLD5 - Stay (Spectra Music Group)
WORLD5 - Because Of You (Spectra Music Group)
WORLD5 - Maybe There´s A Way (Spectra Music Group)
WORLD5 - I Won´t Let You Down (Spectra Music Group)
Worm - The Cat (People Hustling Daily)
X Marks The Spot - Love of My Life (X Ray Entertainment)
Xander Demos - Boys Of Summer (Rock N Growl/MTS)
Xova - 9 Lives (Streets Music)
Xymphoni - Irresistible (That Other Label)
Yari More - A Tu Manera (Independent)
YelSan - Top Of The World W/Kenny Andre (Independent)
Yo Rude Dude - Nova (Jackie Son Music Group)
Young Blaze - I Get Sex (Quantum Era Entertainment LLP)
Young Edrey - In Da La (independent)
Yun Chapo feat. CJ 3hunnid - Spazz Out (Y.B.W. Records)
Yung Fly Gang - Never BeenThe Type (NVR STYLE ENTERTAINMENT)
Yung Thugz - Squad (Yung Thugz Entertainment)
Z 2 A Band - Sunset Blvd (Z 2 A Music)
Zach Day - Whiskey, Women and Weed (Zach Day Music)
Zachary Friederich - "Lucky" (Independent)
Zack Dust - Good Morning California (Independent)
Zaena Morisho - Gimme all your love (Billberg Entertainment)
Zaena Morisho - Freak All Night (Billberg Entertainment)
Zaena Mrisho - Be Alone (independent)
Zig Zag Band - I Dont Remember You (Zig Zag Band Music)
Zig Zag Band - Move (Zig Zag Music)
Zig Zag Band - You (Zig Zag Band Music)
Zpextre - Souvenir (Zust)
|Priz Em - Together (Nambshub Media)