From Tuesday, June 28 to Monday, July 4
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 11John Michael Ferrari - Masquerading In The Night (Cappy) §  6301210614
 22Eileen Carey - Dreaming With Me (RolleyCstr) §  612126228
 33Chris Clark - The Girls of Tennessee (Indie) §  60065946
 44Callie Young - Joyride (West Coast Collective) §  59465130
 55See Your Shadow - Missing West Virginia (MTS)58864548
 67Mike Kuster - King of the Honky Tonk (MJK Music) §  582124122
 79Terry Bell - Shes Got A Heart Like Mine The Remix 2022 (Independent) §  5761813890
 88Christine VanHoy - Happy Town (Independent) §  570611376
 96Sylkie Monoff - Still Believe In You (SYWA Nashville)    564-1210164
 1013Pamela Hopkins - One Too Many (MTS)552302760
 1111Richard Lynch - Radio Friend (Fence Row/MTS)54008556
 1212Zoe & Zack - Diner Days & Honky Tonk Nights  CD: Nashville Calling Me Home (Z & Z Songs)528011436
 1318Buck McCoy - Nashville (Independent) §  510302094
 1410DK Davis - My Babys Gone (Route66/AMG) §  504-4811514
 1515Real Men - Real Men Wear Masks (Real Men Records)498-1211532
 1616Abstract Cowboy Band - Lookie Lulu (Our Own)49206006
 17171 Country - Red and Blue Unite (Our Country True Records)486021984
 1821Gary Pratt - You Gotta Jump In (MTS) §  480301290
 1923Tommy Rice featuring Ed Silver - You Changed My Life Forever (Tommy Rice Music) §  474421236
 2022John McDonough - Love You just for You (MTS) §  468301242
 2119Big Bubba Brown - Dang It  CD: Big Bubba Sings Songs (BBB Music)456-122586
 2214Tommy Rice featuring Patricia Barrett - My Prayer For My Boys (Tommy Rice Music) §  450-663696
 2324Big Butch Barnes - Big Ben, Brady and Me  CD: Songs From The Bar Stool (Big Butch Music)4381210518
 2427Garrett Young - Half Blind (West Coast Collective) §  432361512
 2520Hannyta - Wildflower (MTS)420-428964
 2625Gary Pratt - When Its Our Love Thats Lost (MTS)408-1210698
 2734Erin East - Neon in Nashville (Far East Music)390144636
 2826Buck McCoy - She Cant Be Really Gone (INDIE) §  360-5420478
 29NEWJoey Canyon - On Country Radio (Glo Dot) §  3480348
 3030Brandy Moss Scott - The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia (Heavenly Tunes) §  330-3637224

Next Up

 3128Tommy Rice with Ed Silver - My Momma Loved Me (Tommy Rice Music) §  324-6011202
 3229Mike Kuster - Seeing Less Than Half of Their Faces (MJK Music) §  318-5410644
 3332Ludlow Creek - What About Love (MTS)306363486
 3431Ashley Puckett - Whats Her Name (MTS)240-1206546
 35331 Country - VOTE (Our Country True Records)222-30660

§ Single was featured on the IMN radio program

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