From Tuesday, April 21 to Monday, April 27
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 13Dianne Meinke - In the Rain  CD: I Heart U (UVI Media LLC) §  9301085028
 22Mirage Box - Juarez (Growlyman Endeavors)     §  924967578
 31Thadeus Project - The Hurt (TPR) §  8643026508
 44Bill Curreri - Fade Away (BCM) §  8403610722
 55Brandy Moss Scott - Bye Bye Baby (Heavenly Tunes) §  834369222
 67Del Robbins - Guess Who Does (Fame & Fortune) §  822305064
 7NEWJim Vierra - Hopeful Eyes (Indie) §  822013134
 826Grand Pop Station - Shine your love (ManoverMusic)    8041205532
 912Jillian Kohr - The Way That I Love You (Black Cherry) §  792302790
 1010Simon Kinney-Lewis - String Pie  CD: Country Fried Chicken (Indie) §  78064788
 1114John Dartnell - This Is Who I Am (Independent) §  780362142
 1218The Hue w/Lady Bug Mecca - Slick  CD: Slick (Peace Uv Mine) §  768362124
 1319Just Right Band - I Want More (Independent) §  768482106
 14NEWBenjy Rivas - Live On the Road (City Boy Records)76201404
 1522Stand Volume - Temporary Slave (Macaronesla) §  7564253826
 1613Koncrete Kite - Stained Glass (No Bull Productions) §  756039078
 1725Jeffrey Alan Dbury - The Cowboy  CD: Dbury VII (ROK Records)    750601440
 188Lily Lambert - Miss You  CD: So Far (Independent)    750-305442
 1923Andy Cruz - Letdown Remedy (Radio Version)  CD: California Tapes (12 Inch Records)    7504829064
 2011Sammy Hakim - Empty Bottle (EXT Independent)    750-183576
 2124Steve Kroeger Ft. Skye Holland - We Are United (Come On) (Prodigy Records)    738361440
 2215Melissa Ramski - Keep Dreamin  CD: Keep Dreamin (Ramski Records)738-62094
 2320Rocking Angel W/Colleen Rose Novak - Rocking Angel  CD: Dig Your Life (Paradise Road)7381813476
 24NEWDown South 78 - Too Many Tears In Mississippi  CD: Happy Road (Kirby Records)73201380
 25NEWBright Child - FLY  CD: Innorex Three Fill My Power Vol.2 (Innorex Three Music, Inc) §  72605130
 26NEWArden Park Roots - Under the Sun  CD: Pipe Dreams (Anxiety Boy Records)72606024
 2730Martini Garden - Give A Little Love (Independent) §  7205438988
 28NEWAndy Scott - The Night (Tunes)7200756
 29NEWMarty Denton - Fueled Up, Fired Up, and Ready to Go  CD: Marty D and Friends (Trip Jct. Records)7140726
 30NEWNaked Cowgirl - I Love Nick (Sexy) §  702012306

Next Up

 3135Faith Morley - Psalm 139  CD: Morning Star (Reel2Reel records)672722412
 32NEWSeven Seconds To Zero - I Stole Her Kiss  CD: Seven Seconds To Zero (SoulShockStar Records)6660666
 3328Dee Dee Downs - Caught In A Love Trap (independent)660-126606
 34NEWJay Bahnik - Me  CD: Boom Box (Tate Music Group)    642019374
 35NEWCeline Pence - Thinking About You (CPR) §  600029730

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