From Tuesday, January 14 to Monday, January 20
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 11Del Robbins - Rockin On The Radio Again (Fame & Fortune Ent) §  75012019410
 22Jennifer Porter - These Years (Cougar Moon) §  74411411898
 34Arvie Bennett Jr - Where He Found Me (Independent) §  7261029498
 45Christine Van Hoy & Steven Gregory - Everyday Hero (Independent) §  72610850040
 57Joey Canyon - Take Me Back (Glo-Dot) §  7141026606
 66DK Davis - Suspicious Minds (Route 66) §  7141026594
 78Callie Young - Unraveling (West Coast Collective) §  690849498
 811Eileen Carey - Finally (RolleyCstr Music) §  6901322958
 99Garrett Young - Stray Cat Call (West Coast Collective) §  6849015882
 1010Ashley Best - Nothing Ever Seems To Do (Independent) §  68412015666
 113Brian Timmons - California Cowboys (Independent) §  6785416278
 1212Buck McCoy - Go To Hawaii On Me (Independent) §  67212021270
1317LJ Phillips - The Ship Song (Independent) §  63635426004
 1413Sylkie Monoff - Like Rain (SYWA Records)     §  408-1253964
15NEWAaron and Darren - Make Up Your Mind  CD: Make Up Your Mind (Airtime Records)    3363301488
 16NEWBuck McCoy - Shoes Under My Bed (Independent) §  330023724
17NEWMichael Lynne - Just Good Ole Boys (CMG Nashville) §  17416823718
 1829The Gillis Silo - Like Wind Through Sugarcane  CD: Pieces of the Highway (Warner Entertainment Group)162722232
 19NEWReise - Thought You Should Know  CD: Thought You Should Know (IVth World Records)    1440168
 2027Alexis Barreto - Hey You  CD: Alexis Barreto (Who Is It Records)144428574
 21NEWBrian Timmons - When You Are Near (Independent) §  1380138
 22NEWDaryle Singletary - Call Colorado (Independent)1260888
 2326Jason Crawford Pearce - Maybe Now  CD: Faith & Heartbreak (indie)126243378
 24NEWCage & Focx - Tonky Honk Bounce  CD: Pearls Before Swine (C.D.R Productions)12604014
 25NEWDee Dee Downs - Angel of Gentle Wings (independent)12004692
 26NEWMichael Robertson - Old Man  CD: All My Stories (Rope Records)    1140336
 27NEWDestiny (Destiny Band Oz) - Put on a Good Show  CD: Makin Music (Unsigned independent)1140330
 28NEWGravel Roads - Gravel Roads  CD: Gravel Roads (independent)    114108168
 2922Billy Payne - Gypsy  CD: Genuine Leather (Unsigned)    102-121398
 30NEWSteve Oriet Band - Diggin On You  CD: Diggin On You (Steve Oriet Music)     §  9002598

Next Up

 31NEWRod Richmond - Green Means Go (Red White And Blue Records)84781644
 32NEWMichael Ryan Cassidy - Is It I Lord  CD: Pray for the Peace of Israel (Nite Sky)    7801662
 33NEWShawn Adam Williams - Miss High Roller (Independent)    780378
 34NEWShavonne - Reflections of a Fool  CD: My Own Peculiar Way (Independent)7207770
 35NEWJeremy Harrell - Open Road (independent)6602238

§ Single was featured on the IMN radio program

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