From Tuesday, August 14 to Monday, August 20
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 12Brian Timmons - A Girl Out There (Independent) §  7981386360
 21BB Secrist - You Hurt The Fool Out Of Me (Fame & Fortune) §  7921266432
 36Callie Young - Bittersweet Memories (West Coast Collective) §  78614413440
 45Del Robbins - She Dont Even Know My Name (Fame & Fortune Records) §  78013220952
 53Jim Cartwright - Im So Lonesome I Could Cry (Fame & Fortune) §  7741206282
 64DK Davis - Take It All (Route66) §  76812010872
 77Christine Van Hoy - Not Goin Away (Independent) §  76813220136
 88Al & Trey - And Now I Know (Tide Productions) §  7681323576
 99James Manning - Turn It Up (Independent) §  702963684
 10NEWRichard Lynch - I Stood Right There And Lied  CD: Last Of A Dying Breed (Twang Thang Country)67805550
1110Noel Flynn - Country Playing Band  CD: My Time With You (independent)    67825829010
1222Sylkie Monoff - Like Rain (SYWA Records)     §  66645623250
1319Taylor Hatchell - What Would Waylon Say (Independent) §  660390930
1417Tom Proctor and the A-Listers - In Hollywood  CD: Working Man (Rockin TeePee Music)    6423661404
 15NEWThomas Taylor - Get Her on The Dance  CD: West Virginia Bound (Merlin RMD LLC Records)    62403792
1613Raffaella Piccirillo - Lost  CD: Virtual Puzzle (CDbaby)    6182705466
1714Garrett Young - My Friend (West Coast Collective) §  612282942
1825L.J.Phillips - CrossRoads  CD: HyBrid (42.2 Music) §  612456768
19NEWDon Nivens - Septembers Gone  CD: The Dog, The Cat, and The Mirror (Independant)    6126066906
20NEWThomas Taylor and Ka$hed Out - West Virginia Bound  CD: West (Merlin RMD LLC Records)    6126061704
21NEWTim Garmon - All The Woman  CD: All The Woman (GMN RECORDS)    6065886480
 22NEWElke Brooks - Get in Line (Old Stuff)  CD: Brand new day (Tombstone Records LC 13871 Janine Musik)    6060702
2312John Ratliff & Receptacle - My Dear (Independent) §  60019821150
 24NEWGeary Nelson - Walk Walk (FOB)    6000606
 25NEWMaddie Wilson - Echo  CD: Lightning Strikes (Music For Good LLC)    600070698
2623Tom Delano - At Nights It Hurts The Most To Be Alone (Emubands)6003961710
 27NEWJerry Schmitt - 100 Miles  CD: 100 Miles (Colt Records)    594017736
 28NEWRick Kokan - Those Golden Dreams  CD: Those Golden Dreams (Mellowcat Publishing)588035490
29NEWKylie Nicole - Stay (Independent) §  3363305652
30NEWBecci Nethery - Your Hand Slips In To Mine  CD: CRS 188 (Advance)2102041086

Next Up

 31NEWAllen Karl - The Good Old Days  CD: Songs from My Heart (Century II)1200180
 32NEWKatrina Webster - When You Say Nothing At All  CD: New Beginnings (Independent)102013728
 33NEWTaylor James - Good News (Hearts of Gold)90019830
 3424Aaron Haugland - Fill It Up (Independent)    84-12010554
 35NEWCash Cassady - In The Valley Of The Gun  CD: In The Beginning (CC Production)    7801602

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