From Tuesday, September 1 to Monday, September 7
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 11Matthew Huff - A Little Bit of Crown  CD: Give It All I Got (Independent)984427998
 22Joey Canyon - He Is Coming Back Home (Glo Dot) §  978427218
 33Chris Cox - Honky Tonk HellCat (CMM) §  972426096
 46Del Robbins - Summer Rain (Fame & Fortune) §  954429324
 54Earl Wear - Addicted To The Rain (EWR) §  9483055356
 65Christine Van Hoy - Some Girls (CVHR) §  9483022326
713Desi Hickman - Its All Over Now (independent) §  8941742682
 87Jim Vierra w/R. Nelson & A. Farris - Round Again (Fifty Something Records) §  882-1212432
 98The C.R. Ecker Band - Green Eyes (independent) §  870488832
 1017Scott Stallard - Streets Of Truth (Fame & Fortune) §  8461382604
11NEWGary Lee Tolley - Big Iron  CD: Gunsmoke Trails & Cowboy Tales (Independent)    8288161614
 1223Jim Vierra w/Ron Wallace - Worth Waiting For (Fifty Something Records) §  8281322616
 1322Chris Martin - I Came Home Last Night (Fame & Fortune) §  8221262574
 1414Sylkie Monoff - Here You Come Again  CD: Genuine (Manufaktur/Monoff Music)     §  82210261656
 159Jim Seibers - Yes I Do  CD: Just Beginnings (OMC Publishing)    810645918
 1628Regan Tucker - The River  CD: The River (Wilderness Studios Australia)786963912
17NEWAndy Cruz - Turn Back (California Bound)  CD: California Tapes (12 Inch Records)    7687501968
 1827Billy K Band - Road Ends, Sand Begins (Independent) §  7203051294
 19NEWJim Raby & The Good Whiskey Band - Taken (independent)    71404680
 20NEWDarren Mullins - The Ballad Of The Irish Rovers  CD: Carousing All The Way (RC Airtime)    7029030306
 21NEWDA Cole - Red Light Green Light (Independent) §  702016854
 2225Zack Dust - Good Morning California (Independent)7021258944
 2312Michael Coleman & Caney Creek - Every Second Is a Lifetime (Caney Creek)696-427854
24NEWAdam Capps and the Dirt Road Drifters - I Call it Home  CD: Adam Capps and the Dirt Road Drifters (Independent)    6906784392
25NEWAnthony Stells - Airplane Bottle of Booze (Tate Music Group)6846786900
 26NEWBradley Miller Country - The Oar Bradley Miller Nashville Cut (Indie)    67806774
 2735Barley Station - Younger Summer Memories  CD: Damaged Goods (Barleyfields Records)    672185256
28NEWTom Dixon - Kick Start This Party  CD: Kick Start This Party (Indie)    66666013950
29NEWBen Rush - Weighing Heavy On My Mind  CD: Come Getcha Some (AMC Records Nashville)6486422424
 3019Jessie Lee Cates - Let Your Country Out  CD: Let Your Country Out (Wayward Rose Records)    624-842070

Next Up

 31NEWJoe Shelton - Songs of Summer  CD: The Littles (Notlehs Entertainment)    62404014
32NEWMaddie Wilson - Echo  CD: Lightning Strikes (Music For Good LLC)    618444798
33NEWDavid Wayne - A Blanket and A Bible (Independent) §  6065888256
34NEWMAL - Acqua Macabre  CD: Acqua Macabre (Cartwheeling Whores records)6005941146
 35NEWJerry J.Thomas - Road to Hope (TMG)52808922

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