From Tuesday, September 2 to Monday, September 8
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 12Christine Van Hoy w/ Jason Campbell - Never Loved Somebody (CVHR) §  612-49814004
 27Earl Wear - Addicted To The Rain (EWR) §  606-48614124
 36Sylkie Monoff - Here You Come Again  CD: Genuine (Manufaktur/Monoff Music) §  600-49223346
 45Marsha Jewell - Tomorrow (Jewell Lane) §  594-50410842
 58Del Robbins - Where Did The Love Go (Independent) §  588-50416686
 69Ashleigh Kingsmore - I Wish He Kiss Me  CD: Ashleigh Kingsmore (Independent)588-5045040
 711Cole Washburn - Head Above Water (Independent) §  582-4984392
 829Jim Seibers - Yes I Do  CD: Just Beginnings (OMC Publishing)582-3908706
 915Randy Cherkis - Fathers and Daughters  CD: Fathers and Daughters (Independent) §  576-4927680
 1017Karree J Phillips - Right Turn (Honkytonk Holler)576-4626174
 1113Kevin Moynihan - Everybodys Got A Dream (Fame & Fortune) §  576-4984392
 1212Jimmy Miles - Country Born, American Made (Mid South Music Records)570-5043672
 133Billy Bob Earl - Country Heart (Indie) §  564-54010224
 144Lyrics Of Two - Mysteries (Indie)558-54014292
 1510DA Cole - Red Light Green Light (Independent) §  558-5224380
 1616Zack Dust - Good Morning California (Independent)546-49222746
 1727Ashley Baker - Cigarette Smokin (Billberg Entertainment)540-4503294
 18NEWJT Hollis - Outlaws (written/composed by Tim Weems) (Independent)534011076
 1926Dee Dee Downs - Angel of Gentle Wings (independent)528-4621536
 HOT 20NEWRick Kokan - Those Golden Dreams  CD: Those Golden Dreams (Mellowcat Publishing)5105049696
 21NEWJess Taylor - Thatís Me (Midwest Star Records) §  510013968
 22NEWA.W. Cobb - Take My Hand  CD: Beneath A Wounded Sky (Independent)50404098
 23NEWBrother Townsend - Gimme Whiskey  CD: Bear Bones (Indie)50401230
 2418Scott Hooper - Giddy Up  CD: Giddy Up (Lamon Records Nashville)504-50419050
 2519Chris Loid - Riding Free  CD: It Goes On (Silver Buckle Records)504-5045040
 26NEWMark Bray - Someday (HGN/David & Goliath)498011166
 27NEWMark Bray - Someday (HGN/David & Goliath)498011166
 2831Taylor James - Good News (Hearts of Gold)498-4627878
 29NEWLove Carver - This Is the Time  CD: Love Carver (MyPixo Records)49202040
 HOT 30NEWThe Great Plains - Heaven On The Line  CD: Songbird (Indie)486468528

Next Up

 31NEWSkylark Drive - Slow Ride  CD: Slow Ride (Silver Buckle Records)48002712
 32NEWJohn Maines, Jr. - When I Look Into Your Eyes (JRM) §  480015804
 HOT 33NEWDavid Wayne - Among My Souvenirs (Indie) §  47443231614
 34NEWCowboy Next Door - Your Man  CD: Your Man (Mondotunes)46209060
 35NEWThe Wellfeds - Pile In The Yard  CD: Short Man Syndrome (Finca Flojo Records)4620462
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