From Tuesday, June 20 to Monday, June 26
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 11Al & Trey - Anyway (Independent) §  9663011448
 22Vanessa Lavoie - Butterfly Feeling (Independent) §  954248250
 38Steve Condon - Still Lots of Country  CD: Break out series 2017 (Mega International)9367810158
 45Regan Tucker - Im Getting By (Camooweal Studio Australia) §  930185292
 54Christine Van Hoy - Love Me (Independent) §  9301214532
 66Eileen Carey - Good Bad Girl (RolleyCstr) §  924185166
 73John Ratliff & Receptacle - Love Is Magic (Independent) §  918-67920
 HOT 818Trace Thompson - Jesus & Me  CD: Jesus & Me (Trace Thompson)8761805706
 911Sylkie Monoff - Here You Come Again  CD: Genuine (Manufaktur/Monoff Music) §  81054122088
 1014Desi Hickman - Its All Over Now (independent) §  7925436150
 117The CR Ecker Band - Emma Jean (Independent) §  738-1507638
 1215High Mileage Outlaws - RedneckNation  CD: RedneckNation (Duck Mussel Records)738627036
 HOT 13NEWJim Raby & The Good Whiskey Band - Taken (independent)73872610752
 1426Don Faires - Evengeline (Independent) §  672121332
 1512Darren Mullins - La Bamba  CD: Memories Of The Rock And Roll Era (RC Airtime)660-9016308
 1627Chuck Murphy & Big Coyote - Free To Be Free (One West) §  654301278
 HOT 1735Tony Pritchett - If Pillows Could Talk  CD: Flowers In the Field (ALH)6124865244
 HOT 18NEWA.W. Cobb - Take My Hand  CD: Beneath A Wounded Sky (Independent)60660014166
 1920Cathy Whitten - If I Could Find My Way (Independent) §  606-8413116
 HOT 20NEW4 Miles Gone - Opportunities  CD: Stay With It (Indie)60054011592
 2128Richard Thomas Band - Give Me One More (Independent) §  600-121212
 22NEWSam Rochford - So Easy (MTS)6000600
 23NEWJeff Adams - Go With What You Feel  CD: Go With What You Feel (Bucketstomp)46204872
 24NEWRodney Keith Richardson - My Forever Dream  CD: An Etching In Time (Independent)40201818
 25NEWJoey Canyon - White Limousines (Glo Dot) §  402023502
 26NEWThe Stockwells - Busy Mind Thinker  CD: The Stockwells (River Town Records)40203876
 2716Jim Seibers - Yes I Do  CD: Just Beginnings (OMC Publishing)378-34282842
 2813Chuck Murphy - Peace Be With You (One West) §  360-38423772
 29NEWWhitewater Band - Unpredictable  CD: Many Roads (Many Lives) §  33605154
 HOT 30NEWNoel Flynn - Country Playing Band  CD: My Time With You (independent)33032415216

Next Up

 31NEWSteve Oriet - Diggin On You  CD: Diggin On You (Steve Oriet Music)3300330
 32NEWTeddy Sadler - Go Back Little Tear (Indie.)27001368
 33NEWDwayne Ferris - Jesus Is My Rock (Independent)2700774
 34NEWRandy Moore - Paw  CD: HWY 59 (Highway 59 Records)26403786
 3525Rick Kokan - Those Golden Dreams  CD: Those Golden Dreams (Mellowcat Publishing)102-55823724
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