From Tuesday, July 28 to Monday, August 3
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 11Del Robbins - Summer Rain (Fame & Fortune) §  9421325400
 HOT 24Jim Vierra w/R. Nelson & A. Farris - Round Again (Fifty Something Records) §  9361688544
 HOT 35Joey Canyon - He Is Coming Back Home (Glo Dot) §  9301683168
 HOT 46SouthSide Drive - Broken Windows  CD: Your Love rescued Me (Southern Cross Records)9181562790
 HOT 57Matthew Huff - A Little Bit of Crown  CD: Give It All I Got (Independent)9121623936
 63Earl Wear - Addicted To The Rain (EWR) §  90011451432
 72Christine Van Hoy - Some Girls (CVHR) §  8888418414
 89Gary Lee Tolley - Gunsmoke Trail  CD: Gunsmoke Trail (Gary Lee Tolley)88814411322
 HOT 915Chris Cox - Honky Tonk HellCat (Independent) §  8881982082
 HOT 1011Jim Seibers - Yes I Do  CD: Just Beginnings (OMC Publishing)88215042438
 HOT 1112Sylkie Monoff - Here You Come Again  CD: Genuine (Manufaktur/Monoff Music) §  87015058230
 HOT 1229Jeremy Harrell - Remember When (independent)78616811112
 1314Zack Dust - Good Morning California (Independent)7807855842
 148Derek Andrew - All This Time  CD: All This Time (Independent)774302652
 1519Tom Foster Morris - All Those Years Ago (Independent) §  76810247418
 1623Dixie Dolls - Darling  CD: Dixie Dolls From Dixie Land (Dixie Land USA)7621144350
 1728Scott Hooper - Giddy Up  CD: Giddy Up (Lamon Records Nashville)75613847952
 18NEWThe C.R. Ecker Band - Green Eyes (independent) §  75005202
 1916David Wayne - Among My Souvenirs (Indie) §  7386645564
 20NEWTony Pritchett - If Pillows Could Talk  CD: Flowers In the Field (ALH)73802994
 HOT 21NEWMike Allen - One For The Money  CD: A Mile Of Bad Track (Its My Song Records)73872611322
 HOT 22NEWBen Rush - Chicks With Tattoos (AMC Records Nashville) §  7387328622
 HOT 23NEWDavid Wayne - A Blanket and A Bible (Independent) §  7387267164
 2420Teddy Sadler - Hank Patsy Willie And Me (Independent)7327225098
 25NEWTony Clarke - Put That Country Song On  CD: I Am Coming Home (Indie) §  73202364
 HOT 26NEWBarley Station - Younger Summer Memories  CD: Damaged Goods (Barleyfields Records)7267202754
 HOT 27NEWJoe Kendall - Southern Belle  CD: Bringing Country Back (10 Roof)7207145610
 28NEWTaylor Faith - See What You Did  CD: Country Summer (Independent)71402682
 HOT 29NEWJoe Shelton - Songs of Summer  CD: The Littles (Notlehs Entertainment)7141742778
 30NEWMark Bray - Someday (HGN/David & Goliath)708013776

Next Up

 3134Billy K Band - Road Ends, Sand Begins (Independent) §  70810848798
 32NEWRegan Tucker - The River  CD: The River (Wilderness Studios Australia)7080714
 HOT 33NEWBriana Hardyman - Midnight Water (Independent)6966908346
 34NEWShane Anderson w/ Collectively BoB - P.U.S.H.  CD: InRetroSpectUs (Indie)69602016
 HOT 35NEWJohni Dee - Sweetest Words  CD: Never Too Late (Great Lakes)69669010428
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