From Tuesday, August 23 to Monday, August 29
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 11Al & Trey - Dont Look Back Tomorrow (Independent) §  846548904
 22Cathy Whitten - You & Me (Independent) §  8405415576
 35John Ratliff W/Receptacle - Oh My (Independent) §  8347211388
 43Regan Tucker - How Long (Camooweal Studio Australia) §  8345411922
 54Chuck Murphy - Cow Girls (independent) §  828548748
 HOT 6NEWZack Dust - Good Morning California (Independent)82281094056
 76Earl Wear - Addicted To The Rain (EWR) §  8166093648
 811Katrina Webster - When You Say Nothing At All  CD: New Beginnings (Independent)8101086342
 98Darren Mullins - Only A Fool Would Leave You Now  CD: We Belong Together (Annyeong Records)768422586
 107Andrew Ruby - Guys Like Us  CD: Guys Like Us (Colt Records)768301980
 1115Sylkie Monoff - Here You Come Again  CD: Genuine (Manufaktur/Monoff Music) §  7627296918
 129Siana King - Girls Rule (BumpFire)762486468
 1320Eileen Carey - In The Air (RolleyCstr) §  756781746
 1433Jake McVey - Yall Girls (Independent) §  7561021410
 HOT 15NEWAlexis Barreto - Hey You  CD: Alexis Barreto (Who Is It Records)7447383834
 1621Joey Canyon - White Limousines (Glo Dot) §  7386021072
 17NEWMatt Tucker - Tonight  CD: Finding My Dreams (Guitbox LLC independent)73807320
 18NEWDavid Wayne - A Blanket and A Bible (Independent) §  738031614
 19NEWDusty Hayes - Life Is A Wild Ride (Wild Sage Records of Nashville, Inc.)73201050
 2028Maddie Wilson - Echo  CD: Lightning Strikes (Music For Good LLC)7326033150
 2124Eddy Mann - You, You Make Me Feel  CD: Dig Love (MTS)726546090
 2230Mickey DiMichele - I Just Wanna Be Your Man (Independent) §  720544812
 23NEWSandra Lee Burdick - My House  CD: Little Gifts From Heaven (SBR)70808040
 24NEWBrad Lee Schroeder - Run Devil Run  CD: Run Devil Run (Stray Bullet Records, LLC)70202568
 25NEWKevin Haynes & Matt Kupcso - Drying Tears  CD: Pure (Independent)70204782
 26NEWJohnny Kongo - Devils Beckon Call (15 records)69602910
 2712Brittany Russell - Let Me Be  CD: Let Me Be (Independent)690-124746
 HOT 28NEWCage & Focx With Todd Taylor - Tonky Honk Bounce (CDR) §  6906844002
 29NEWKerry Wallace - Halley Came to Jackson  CD: Winter Left a Rose (MistandMusic)68403786
 30NEWMike Barham & the Honky Tonk Prophets - Headed For The Moon (Bronze Hand Records)68402688

Next Up

 31NEWAdam Capps Band - Memories on the Road  CD: Play it Proud (Independent)6840696
 32NEWKerry Wallace - Gold  CD: Winter Left a Rose (MistandMusic)67801314
 HOT 33NEWBrian Randle - Good Drugs  CD: 200 Proof (Audacious Jack)672666726
 34NEWErik Dylan - Jesus Was A Wine Man (E.D.R.)60006702
 35NEWRichard Lynch - Walk On By  CD: Last Of A Dying Breed (Twang Thang Country)594012132
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