From Tuesday, December 6 to Monday, December 12
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 17John Ratliff W/Receptacle - Oh My (Independent) §  642-18622794
 21Regan Tucker - Long Way To Go (Camooweal Studio Australia) §  630-2288448
 33Cathy Whitten - You & Me (Independent) §  612-22826988
 42Al & Trey - 300 Days A Year (independent) §  606-2406618
 54Eileen Carey - In The Air (RolleyCstr) §  606-23412672
 68Chuck Murphy - Peace Be With You (One West) §  600-2163228
 76Christine Van Hoy - Life Is Good (Independent) §  600-2288772
 815Sylkie Monoff - Here You Come Again  CD: Genuine (Manufaktur/Monoff Music) §  600-156106272
 95Joey Canyon - I Cant Start Loving You Again (Glo Dot) §  588-2466426
 1011Jake McVey - Yall Girls (Independent) §  582-20410650
 119Darren Mullins - La Bamba  CD: Memories Of The Rock And Roll Era (RC Airtime)576-2283450
 1212Russel Foisy - On My Own In San Anton (Independent) §  570-2102754
 13NEWEarl Wear - Addicted To The Rain (EWR) §  5340100122
 14NEWZack Dust - Good Morning California (Independent)528094602
 HOT 15NEWGairy Nelson - Continues to Burn (JGN Records)5225165592
 1624Tom Foster Morris - Angel In The Morning  CD: All Those Years Ago (Independent)468-2044290
 17NEWWayne Thomas - In The Light Of The Flame  CD: On My Own (Table Rock)40808970
 1810Sammy Hakim - Empty Bottle (EXT Independent)408-3785442
 19NEWGeorge Grant and The Mighty Templars - Got To Get My Mind Right  CD: Got To Get My Mind Right (Putnam Valley Recording Company)40201218
 20NEWJosey Milner - Cowgirls (MTS Records)40206534
 2134Brian Lee Robinson - That Old Cat  CD: The Texas Side of Nashville (Jejajo Records)4021262292
 22NEWBrian Randle - Good Drugs  CD: 200 Proof (Audacious Jack)36601122
 23NEWDavid Wayne - Hand In Hand With Daddy (Independent) §  360024468
 24NEWThe Stockwells - Busy Mind Thinker  CD: The Stockwells (River Town Records)34803066
 25NEWCR Ecker Band - A Bright Tomorrow (Independent) §  348017160
 26NEWClay Kirk - Where The Sea Breezes Blow  CD: Where The Sea Breezes Blow (KLP Records)342012090
 27NEWAndrew Ruby - Dirt Road  CD: Guys Like Us (Colt Records)34201590
 28NEWThese Young Fools - Something Soft (Independent)34204650
 2923Siana King - Zip, Zero, Nada, Nothing! (Bumpfire)294-3843768
 3016Eddy Mann - The Consequence  CD: The Consequence (MTS Records)282-4742058

Next Up

 31NEWHector Ward and the Bigtime - Uncle Chas  CD: Freightline Funk (Independent)28201914
 32NEWJerry Schmitt - 100 Miles  CD: 100 Miles (Colt Records)270013620
 HOT 33NEWBrother Townsend - Gimme Whiskey  CD: Bear Bones (Indie)2282223774
 3414Tim Garmon - All The Woman  CD: All The Woman (GMN RECORDS)216-5404068
 35NEWHigh Mileage Outlaws - RedneckNation  CD: RedneckNation (Duck Mussel Records)241215438
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